• Kasam twist: Raj slaps Rishi in court divorcing Tanuja

    Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) makes Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) belive as divorce fill happiness in her life in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 
    The upcoming episode of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will show that Rishi and Tanuja’s story has turned very complicated when Rishi found Tanuja being pregnant.
    Tanuja took blame to save Ahana’s daughter who is pregnant in real and Smiley request Tanuja to save her.
    Malaika and Rano provoke Rishi against Tanuja and he is ready to divorce her which makes Tanuja shocked.
    Tanuja loves Rishi a lot and gets sad hearing about divorce but she does not say truth and comes to court along with Rishi.
    Rishi gets melt down seeing Tanuja but so he tells Tanuja that divorce will fill happiness in her life and she will free to do anything.
    Raj cancels Rishi and Tanuja's divorce
    In the court, Rishi and Tanuaj start divorce process but Raj reaches there suddenly and slaps Rishi in front of all.
    Raj scolds Rishi for bringing his daughter in law court and cancels the divorce process.
    Raj tells Rishi that if he does not understand Tanuaj as his wife then fine but she is daughter in law of bed house.
    Will Rishi accept Tanuja for Raj?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.