• Kasam 14th December 2016 – Full Episode

    Kasam 14th December 2016 Written Episode

    Both Tanuja and Rishi consider it their fate to part ways. They were at the door of judge when Rishi watches Raaj standing there. He wonders what is Raaj doing here, and drags Tanuja into a room aside. Tanuja was worried and asks what he is doing. Rishi restlessly looked around. Tanuja reminds they are getting late. Rishi asks if she is in much hurry, if she wants to get rid of him. He brought her here, its his decision either to go early or late. Tanuja asks whom is he hiding from, and goes to see. Rishi stops her worried what if they are seen. Tanuja wonders who is there outside. Rishi stops her, Tanuja asks to leave her hand. Rishi denies. Tanuja says if he has to hold her hand, it must be for a lifetime; is he afraid she would leave him? Rishi withdraws his hand. Tanuja goes outside. Rishi was worried
    what if Raaj see her there.

    In the corridor, Tanuja was shocked to see Raaj and hides behind a wall. Raaj passes by. Tanuja comes inside and asks Rishi why he let her go outside, when he knew Raaj was there. Rishi shuts her mouth, and asks what they would tell him if Raaj finds them here. He realizes his hand over her mouth and apologizes. He was upset if Raaj knew about their divorce. Tanuja was concerned for Raaj’s health, saying he shouldn’t know about anything. Rishi gets a call from Mr. Mehra, who confirms if their intentions have changed. He warns Rishi what if Tanuja turns around, as she wasn’t in a mood to give a divorce. Rishi was sure she won’t change her mind, and asks Tanuja to hurry outside. He drags her along. Both wipe their tears, Rishi watches her cry and hands his handkerchief to her. Tanuja denies taking it. Rishi says if she goes to judge with these tears the judge would… Tanuja interrupts that even these tears can no more stop their divorce. She makes up these tears were because of wind, Rishi says this wind didn’t hurt him. Tanuja qualifies its not necessary he was hurt by what hurts her. 

    Rishi agrees, saying there have been a lot of things that shouldn’t have happened, but still did. All at once, Rishi pushes Tanuja to a room, pinning her on the door. He was about to remove her hair strand away from her face, she doesn’t allow him. Rishi asks if there is again something in her eyes, like the wind. He tells Tanuja he feels as if Tanuja is in love… then makes up his heart says she doesn’t want to go. Tanuja says heart always tell the truth, he must listen to his heart only. Rishi tells Tanuja he always heard about his heart, but it always betrayed him. Today his heart says she should go to her upcoming future. He assures their relation would soon end, and she would be able to live her life. This divorce is better for her, her child to be born; its good for them both. He leaves Tanuja in the corridor, hurt with his own words. Tanuja follows him across the corridor.

    Raaj was just coming out of the room and hits Rishi. They were shocked to see each other. Raaj scolds Rishi for always blaming others for his mistake. Rishi asks when Raaj returned from America. Raaj tells Rishi about the case on the company, he didn’t want Rishi to ignore Tanuja and visit the court; so he returned himself. He then asks Rishi why they came here. Rishi was about to speak, Raaj understands he is going to lie. Tanuja tries to make up, Raaj says her face visibly tells him she didn’t come by his own will. She should learn something from Rano at least, she should have scolded him or denied coming along. He inquires about why they came here. He asks Rishi if this court is a tourist spot that he brought her here. Rishi asks Raaj why he didn’t inform anyone about his arrival. Raaj scolds him for bringing Tanuja to the court, why he didn’t bring Manpreet or Yuvraj. He now shuts Rishi, and asks Tanuja why they came here. Tanuja stammers… Rishi… Raaj accuses Rishi for being responsible for every mess up. Rishi turns to look at Tanuja, then says he and Tanuja came for divorce. The file drops off Raaj’s hand, he slaps Rishi hard on face out of rage.

    PRECAP: Rano was about to drag Tanuja out of the house, insisting she is divorced now. Tanuja resists withdrawing her hand with a jerk.