• Kasam 13th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Kasam 13th December 2016 Written Episode

    Manpreet comes to Tanuja and insists on her not to lie to him, he wants to know the truth about that report. He could see the pain in her eyes while doing the signatures. Tanuja tells Manpreet she did this all… Manpreet was not ready to accept. Divia comes there saying she has already fallen in the eyes of everyone, her reality has only been revealed. Manpreet wasn’t ready to listen a single word against Tanuja. Divia says only this was left, Manpreet never increased his volume in front of her but this Tanuja has created differences between their relation today. Tanuja takes the blame over herself and stops Manpreet from saying anything. She asks Manpreet to leave her alone, and cries. Divia says its Tanuja’s nature to betray everyone.

    In the room, Malaika watches the divorce papers happily.
    She makes a call to Shekhar; she tells him her story has ended. Shekhar was happy that Tanuja divorced Rishi. Malaika wants Shekhar to apologize for being rude. He wasn’t ready, Malaika cuts the call while he warns her not to cut it. Shekhar thinks he must cut Malaika’s feathers now and show her what Shekhar is.
    The next morning, Rishi comes looking for Tanuja. He finds her sleeping on the couch, and wakes her up as they have a hearing for divorce case in the court. He asks if she accepts all these blames over herself; and this divorce is with their mutual consent. He was sure Mr. Mehra would get their divorce finalized. Rano comes cheerfully after hearing this conversation. She takes Rishi for breakfast. Tanuja walks upstairs, while looking towards Rishi. Rishi also turns to look at her. Rano calls Rishi for breakfast.

    In the office, Mr. Mehra was speaking on call. He was sure he is the best lawyer for divorce. Rishi and Tanuja arrive at his office, and says on call he would tell a few games he needs to play with his wife. He offers Rishi a seat, and tells him that their judge Mr. Kataria hates girls who betray their husbands. They shouldn’t expect any mercy after what Tanuja did to him, he is sure to get them divorced and needs Rishi to get the sweets ready. Tanuja looks towards Rishi with weepy eyes. Mr. Mehra offers her a glass of water, then confirms if she is ready for divorce. She needs to tell the court this divorce is with their mutual understanding, and reconfirms if all the papers have been submitted. He tells them to come after two minutes. Tanuja was left crying in the office, while Rishi asks her to move on. She slips and holds Rishi with shoulder; they share an eye lock. Both turn away, Rishi walks out of the office.

    Malaika comes to Rishi’s room happy that from today onwards, this bed and Rishi would both belong to him. She goes to watch the wardrobe filled with Tanuja’s clothes, and throws them all outside on the floor. She takes a ring off her finger, and places it over Rishi’s tie in the tie. She says now there would only be Malaika’s clothes in Rishi’s wardrobe. Rano comes there, Malaika says she is doing packing for Tanuja; because otherwise she would delay it and Rishi’s mind might change. Rano stood there speechless, and asks Malaika not to pack anything. Malaika questions if she now wants Tanuja to stay here as well. Rano tells Malaika she hates Tanuja the most in life, who was once her best friend. Malaika says she is pushing Tanuja outside now, Rano says not like this.
    Rano tells Malaika everytime Tanuja came inside the house, no matter what they did. This time she wants to do something that Tanuja can never return. Tanuja must have done a magic over them. Malaika says she doesn’t believe in superstitions, but understands her point. Rano calls Rishi, and wish him all the best. She had vowed to distribute alms worth 11 thousand if this divorce is finalized. Rishi walks inside, Tanuja follows. Rano tells Malaika that this packing won’t go invain, Tanuja will leave this house forever.

    Rishi walked ahead of Tanuja through the corridors. He thinks that everything would end today, he wonders it ever started or not. Today, she would leave his life, with her betrayal and love that she never did. Tanuja wish she had told Rishi she loves him the most in this world, it’s now too late to say anything.

    PRECAP: Rishi tells Raaj that he and Tanuja came for divorce. Raaj slaps Rishi hard.