• Jamai Raja: Satya Mahi Payal's deadly trio defeats evil Elena

    Jamai Raja: Elena crosses all limits to get Satya's (Ravi Dubey) love, Mahi and Payal (Mouli Ganguly) master plan 
    The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will show high voltage drama where Elena is all set to marry Satya.
    Elena has gone mad in Satya's love and wants him anyhow by any means.
    Satya and Mahi are stuck in Elena's evil trap and has no out break to escape, Payal helps Satya against Elena.
    Satya, Mahi and Payal joins hand to end Elena's evilness and to escape out of it.
    Elena gets defeated by Satya and Mahi's love 
    Elena has gone mad and is even ready to kill Satya if he refuses to marry, Mahi is shattered seeing all this.
    Satya, Mahi and Payal makes master trap against Elena, let's wait and watch for upcoming drama.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.