• Ishqbaaz: ShivIka's dispute over One Night Stand to get sorted

    Ishqbaaz is going to showcase high voltage drama in the upcoming series as ShivIka Anika dispute over One Night Stand to get sorted.
    Fan followers and loyal viewers of Ishqbaaz will finally get to witness misunderstanding and dispute amid Shivaay and Anika over Anika’s One Night Stand with Daksh getting sorted out.
    Well Soumya will turn out to be well wisher for both Shivaay and Anika, as Shivaay will overhear Soumya’s conversation about the night when Anika had slept with Soumya in Daksh’s room.
    Shivaay will get shocked and feel guilt ridden for bad mouthing Anika and calling her characterless too for spending night with Daksh for the sake of money.
    Let’s see will Shivaay and Anika get close post this dispute getting sorted out.
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