• Ishqbaaz: Shivaye attempts for getting apology from angry Anika

    Ishqbaaz: Shivaye try to apologize Anika for doubting her character and blaming her for breaking his trust

    The upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz will witness alot of twist and turns.

    Shivaye got furious when Daksh tells her that Anika spent night with him and she took money for spending night with him.

    Shivaye misbehaves with Anika, he gets angry with her, he calls her characterless and he even blames her for breaking her trust.

    But now he has come to know that what Daksh was saying was not the truth then he gets shocked.

    Anika is not ready to forgive Shivaye

    Shivaye realizes that he has done a very big mistake by trusting Daksh.

    Shivaye try to apologize Anika for his mistake but she is not ready to forgive him.

    It will be interesting to see that whether Anika will forgive Shivaye or not.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.