• Ishqbaaz: Pinky reveals Rudra-Soumya's marriage truth

    Ishqbaaz: Pinky gets shocked post knowing about Rudra(Leenesh Mattoo)-Soumya's marriage truth
    In the upcoming episode, Soumya and Rudra discusses about Anika and Shivaye's marriage.
    Soumya and Rudra feels that those are made for each other then they get married anyhow.
    They feel that destiny has united Anika and Shivaye because they are made for each other.
    Soumya feels that she got married with Rudra because they are made for each other.
    Later Pinky gets shocked post finding about Soumya and Rudra's marriage.
    Everyone shocked post knowing about Rudra-Soumya marriage
    Pinky decides to reveal this truth to everyone as everyone must know that they have got married.
    Pinky gets happy thinking that Tej was asking Shivaye to accept the marriage but now what will he do knowing about his own son's marriage.
    Pinky gathers everyone and reveals the truth, everyone gets shocked.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.