• Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Update
    Episode starts with Pinky raising her hand at Anika and Shivay holding Pinky's hand...dramatic Labzon ka Hai instrumental plays
    Everyone stands with their mouths wide open and Shivay says, Mom Anika ko maine kaha tha Tia ki jagah mandap mein baithne ke liye!

    Pinky cries and asks u told her this?   Tej asks him if this marriage happened on his consent and Shivay says, Ji Bade Papa, ye shadi meri marzi se hui hai and Pinky cries and screams sayinng I cannot believe this, u cannot do this Shivay...u do not know anything about this girl's khoon khaandaan then how can u just marry her like that?

    Pinky asks him if he is trying to save Anika and Shivay says, I am only saying the truth!  

    Pinky cries bad and begs asking him to say the truth as she is his mother and she cannot accept this...Labzon ka Piano Instrumental goes on

    Pinky says u only told me that u wanted to marry Tia and u will sign a big deal post ur wedding with her...u are most worried about Oberoi Family's reputation than why did u do this Shivay?  She asks shaking him holding both his arms!

    Shivay screams that I have done this Marriage only coz of Family's reputation...Shakti asks him wats the connection between this marriage and Oberoi Family's reputation and Shivay says Connection is there...Tia ran away before the wedding and whole family gets stunned hearing this and camera zooms on each one of their faces again
    Shivay says thats d reason I had to make Anika sit in Tia's place and Jhanvi asks shockingly that Tia ran away from her own wedding?
    Shivay gives an explanation how top notch people and their rivals were there in the wedding and he had no other option!

    Shivay says our family would have faced so much humiliation and Tej asks him u took such a big decision in so much pressure and with this decision u saved our Oberoi family from embarrassment so m proud of u Shivay 
    Om asks Shivay...big decision?   This was a very big decision Shivay and do u think it was right?

    Shivay screams at him and asks him wat would I have done?  Gone n told everyone that Oberoi Family's DIL to be has eloped before the wedding?

    He asks Om do u realize how much humiliation our family would have faced?

    Our stock prices would have fallen and we would have faced huge losses in business and there is a heated argument between ShivKara where Om asks him does he even realize how low he has fallen by doing this as he only cares about stock prices and business...Shivay screams saying yes, I do coz I think from my mind not from my heart like u!

    Shivay says we have to take big decisions to save our family reputation and at that moment, I did wat Shivay Singh Oberoi should have done!
    Pinky cries and Dadi watches in shock!

    Om claps his hand in anger and says Brilliant!  Typical SSO,...who thinks from mind and not from  his heart! The one who chooses business over emotions!

    Tej screams at Om and says Shivay did wat a businessman should do but u will not understand this bcz u have not done any thing in building this Oberoi Empire!

    Om says ...Mr. Oberoi Please...Rudra interrupts the two asking O to keep quiet and  asks his dad too the same...Rudra comes in the center and says, shall I say something?   We are doing an unnecessary discussion...we all should accept the fact that they are married now and Anika didi is Shivay Bhaiya's wife...right Bhaiya?

    Shivay makes a puppy face and looks towards Anika and Shivika have an eyelock...O Jaana instrumental plays Rudra tells Om...I told u that Angels exist right...see they are really there...looking towards Soumya and Soumya gives a confused expression trying to ignore him!

    Dadi asks Shivay ...Billu this means u have wedded Anika...u have taken Pheras with Anika...Iska Magalsutra tere naam ka hai...iski maang ka Sindoor tere naam ka hai?

    Dadi's words echo and Shivika recall each and every marriage ritual!

    Pinky cries and asks Shivay why did Tia run away?
    Shivay gets a call from Tia's number and Rudra and Om ask Shivay why is she calling now?

    Om asks Shivay who is lost in his thoughts to receive the call and a guy from the other end says, Shivay Singh Oberoi, Tia is with us and if u want to see her alive, then do wat we ask u to !

    Shivay asks who are u and wat do u want and the guy says...ransom!

    Shivay is shown arranging 2000 Rs. notes bundle in a suitcase  He again gets a call and he says, I am getting the money but before that I need a proof that Tia is with u people...from the other end Tia says Hello...hello...Shivay Baby...Shivay asks her if she is alright and she cries and says No...I don't know who these people are and they kidnapped  me from our wedding venue and brought here...I am very scared...please save me please and she screams at last...some other guy takes the call from Tia and asks Shivay if he got his proof and Shivay asks him why is he doing all this and wats his enmitywith Tia?

    The guy says, our rivalry is with u not Tia...bcz of u we have lost many business deals so now u have to pay for all the losses we  had to bear...Shivay says if ur problem is with me, deal with me why are u bringing Tia in between but the guy disconnects the call!

    Shivay walks out of the mansion with a briefcase and OmRu come and stand infront of him...he ignores them and starts to walk away and Om asks him if u like facing all the problems alone?
    Shivay says, wen the problem is fine, I will face it myself!    Om says, ur biggest problem is that u think all the problems in the world are only urs...Rudra comes and says, O is right...we know u r The Great Wall of SSO but u have 2 young brothers with u and we are coming with you...Shivay says its a bad idea...problem is mine and I will solve it...I have got it!

    Om asks just like u solved yesterday?  Not every problem is to be faced alone...u could have discussed with us and we could have come to a solution with mutual discussion  but Shivay cuts him in between and says, that problem had only one solution  Om and situation was so complicated I had no time to inform anyone!

    Om says, but now things are different and u have time...we can discuss and let us help u...Shivay refuses but Rudra insists saying u always become our support system...this time its our turn to become ur support system...Shivay says u r my younger brother  Rudra, don't try to act as my elder brother I have got to go.,...Rudra says, Bhaiya please give us a chance...we will surprise you ...just like u surprised us by marrying Anika Didi  and Shivay says, I don't want to talk about that...right now Tia is in trouble bcz of me...someone has kidnapped her to revenge on me and its my responsibility to bring her back, all well...Om says not only urs, its a responsibility of all of us...I am still not with u in the decision u took yesterday but we are ur brothers...Om extends his hand and says, so now all three of us will face all the problems together!

    All three join hands and Labzon ka plays...they say One for All...All for One...Dil Bole Oberois and leave together to save Tia!

    While walking, OmRuShiv do their signature steps...
    They reach the jungle and all three brothers stand in a row with their tashan!

    A car comes there and a hand comes out of the car gesturing for suitcase...Shivay throws the suitcase and someone catches it...the guy has many threads and bands around his hand and the car goes away!

    At Oberoi Mansion...Pinky cries and Dadi Anika Jhanvi hear her blabbering...Pinky says Shivay went away without informing us all and Jhanvi comforts her saying OmRu are also with him!

    Pinky says mere bachche ki shadi me siyapa fael gaya and u r telling me not to worry!    I had already told Mummy Ji that so many inauspicious things are happening...now see everything has gone wrong...Dadi asks her to sit and relax and stop marching in the room but Pinky cries and says, we will have to show our face to people, our image in the society will be shattered now!

    Pinky says my BP is going low and she keeps her hand on her head and faints a little and is almost about to fall wen Anika rushes towards her and holds her saying Aunty Ji! 

    Pinky regains conscious and jerks her hand and screams at her saying never ever u dare to touch me again and do not show me ur face...>Dafa ho ja yahan se! Ouch

    She says, all that is happening is coz of u...do not think that the wedding has happened so u r the DIL of this house...na hum is shadi ko maante hain na tujh jaisi bahu ko bahu manenge kabhi!

    Anika looks down sad but doesn't react much!

    Jhanvi comes and tells Pinky to relax and says, watever had to happen has happened but the thing that hurts is that even Anika is a part of all this Ouch

    Jhanvi tells ANika that u have hurt all of us a lot!
    Dadi interrupts Jhanvi before she speaks further to take Pinky to her room or else she will fall sick!

    Pinky cries and says...meri tabiyat nahi kismat hi kharab ho gayi...she cries saying why and what has all this happened...!Sleepy

    Dadi left alone with Anika...she comes to her and says...If I had pride in My Billu, I had full faith in you too Anika...aaj dono toot gaye!   Ouch    My God knows,  I never considered u a stranger...main to khud chahti thi ki tumhari shadi ho...ke tum dono mein Ishqbaazi ho aur takkar ki ho...par Ishqbaazi sar utha ke ki  jaati hai, muh chupa ke nahi...,...muh chupa ke dhokha diya jaata hai!   Tune mujhe dhokha diya hai Anika, aur shayad apne aap ko bhi!

    Dadi says, all my life,  I never made a mistake in judging people.,...but today u made me realize that this Dadi and her eyes both have gone old!

    Dadi walks away crying and Anika stands there alone in the hall...crying helplessly!

    All three brothers watch Tia tied in the sack...Shivay comes and sits near the sack and says, its all my mistake, my fault...I should have been more careful and he hits himself...OmRu come running to him and hold him...Shivay again says its my mistake!
    Tia's injured hand is shown coming out of the sack and Shivay says, we have lost her...its my mistake!

    Om says No Shivay...they control Shivay and Rudra watches Tia's hand moving a little and shown it to Shivay,...Shivay screams Tia's name like a maniac and takes her out of the sack asking her to wake up and Whoa!  Tia is alright

    She cries and says, Shivay baby I am so sorry...u had to face so much of trouble coz of me and Shivay consoles her...she says I have no idea why they kidnapped me and apologizes saying bcz of me our marriage...Shivay asks her to keep quiet as its not her fault...its all his fault as it was his business rivals who kidnapped her to revenge on him...he holds her face and OmRu watch confused!

    He says I am here and everything will be alright!Sleepy

    Tia side hugs him and a flashback is shown where Tia's mom is shown asking the kidnapper if Shivay is bringing the money and the guy says yes...Tia's mom says he should get the money otherwise we will be ruined...Tia comes there and asks her mom wat if Shivay informs the police and  her mom says, Shivay won't do that coz these rich people care more about their name and reputation than money!  He won'r do it!

    Tia asks her mom wat if Shivay comes to know this was all our plan and her mom screams at her asking how would he know ?    Tia says if he asks me something which m unable to answer  than he will have a doubt on me right?   Her mom says u will only speak as much as I have told u and nothing wrong will happen!

    If u do as I say, Shivay will not have doubts on u instead he would sympathize with you  and both mom and daughter smile...Tia's mom pinches her neck hard and Tia screams asking her mom wat she is doing and Mrs. Kapoor says, it should look like u were actually kidnapped!

    Shivay walks inside the house with Tia and Tia forms her footprints with her muddy feet on the same spots where Anika had left her prints while doing Griha Pravesh Ritual 
    She does it intentionally and smirks...Pinky comes running asking Tia wat happened to her and Jhanvi and Dadi come too...Shivay says I will take her to the room to rest and Dadi notices Tia's footprints and says...Laxmi ke pairon par keechad ke nishan...this is such a bad Omen and  Dadi cries !

    Pinky asks her not to have such doubts!

    Anika walks in her house recalling the marriage...Sahil watches her and runs to her asking where she was and he was waiting for her all night!

    He tells how SSO sent a car for him to attend the wedding but his manager just gave him a chocolate and  left him back home!

    He asks Anika why is she dressed as a bride and Anika comes down on the floor and hugs him tight and cries badly!

    Precap:    Shivay tells  the family that I do not consider this marriage...ye shadi shadi nahi hai...Anika touches her Sindoor and Mangalsutra at her place...Dadi tells Shivay Shadi 7 Janmo tak saath nibhane ka Waada hai and this promise cannot be broken ...Anika takes off her jewelry and  Shivay says, if u r feeling so bad for her, I will pay her for all this and Dadi asks him  kya keemat lagayega us Mangalsutra ki  jo tune Anika ke gale mein bandha?   Anika takes off everything and watches the Mangalsutra in her neck and gets thinking!