• Ishqbaaz 1st December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 1st December 2016 Written update

    Episode starts with whole family standing with Shivika in the hall and Pinky says now we will have the ritual of finding the ring in the tray and Anika gets nervous hearing that...Shivay gets irritated at Pinky and asks how many more rituals u got to do?
    Whole family watches Shivay in surprise and Dadi asks him  if he is tired?    Pinky says why only him, our Tia is tired too and all of us too...Shivay says exactly so we will do the remaining rituals tomorrow and Jhanvi says marriage rituals are done on the marriage day itself!

    Shivay argues back with Pinky and Jhanvi and Dadi interrupts saying  that if kids are tired, we will complete the remaining rituals tomorrow as these rituals are successful only wen u do that whole heartedly with all ur happiness!

    Dadi asks them to go and rest and asks Prinku Soumya to take Anika in Shivay's room!

    Rudra comes and offers Shivay to sleep with him n Om if he wants and Shivay gives an angry look and  Dadi says, he is married now, why will he sleep with u ppl ?  Rudra says, Bhaiya's room is now taken over by Tia that's why!

    Om says, our Cinderella is seeing a step mom in Tia so let him be!

    Om asks Shivay to go and he will handle Rudra but Rudra does drama saying our place has now been taken by Tia in Bhaiya's life!

    Om gets serious and tells Shivay that "hume ise bolna hi padega I think"...Shivay says yeah ohh...and ShivKara simultaneously say...Rudra, Shut Up!
    Tia's mom slaps her in her house and asks her with whos permission did she take such a big step knowing how much this wedding and merger meant to them?
    Tia cries!

    Her mom screams at her some more and Tia crying says, wat would I have done, Robin was so...and her mom screams saying had that guy been a little responsible, we would have had no need to do all this neither hiding ur marriage was needed then!

    I don't understand why u married such a guy going against ur family...u made a mistake marrying Robin and a bigger mistake by not marrying Shivay Singh Oberoi!

    Tia's mom  says that I thought if this marriage will be done, we would be saved from going bankrupt but no...u spoiled everything coz of that Robin...everything is over cz of u...Tia says a sorry and Mrs. Kapoor  slaps her again saying now  nothing can be done...watever could be done has been done and everything is over now, finished!  And if u think that SSO will stay quiet, No...he will destroy us all...all coz of ur mistake!

    Anika stands infront of the mirror and recalls all of Shivay's words that she will be his wife for a day...she touches her Mangalsutra and recalls how he said she will wear a MS of his name...tshe then recalls the blast and remembers Sahil...!   She thinks I need to talk to Sahil and calls him...asks him if he is alright and Sahil asks her why is she so tensed and why is she not back home yet?

    Anika starts crying on the phone and Sahil says, I know u r crying coz u saw  Bidai...but it was someone else's marriage...why r u so emotional?   It was not ur marriage and Anika recalls the wedding...says yes Sahil, it was someone else's wedding, not mine!

    He asks her wen wil she be back and she says, I will take some more time so u take care of urself and have food on time too...I'll be back soon!

    Shivay enters the room and Shivika stand staring each other...O Jaana instrumental plays and Shivay walks away in opposite direction and Anika still stands infront of the mirror..Anika watches him from the mirror!

    Om watches the wedding pics on his phone and zooms  on a pic and gets shocked...he says this bracelet is not Tia's...zooms some more on the camera and gets shocked and rushes out!
    Anika argues with Shivay that she wants to go home and Shivay says, u may go after everyone sleeps...Anika says I cannot wait until everyone sleeps and Shivay doesn't even look towards her!

    She says, m feeling suffocated being a partner in ur lies and this big plan of urs to fool ur family...Shivay looks at her in anger and asks her Really, I thought u are used to lies and deceiving people!

    Anika asks him wen  did she do so and who is he to accuse her like this...he is ek No. ka jhootha  who made a Pappu of his whole family and Shivay screams asking her to mind her language...

    He asks her to behave and she says...jo khud duniya ka sabse bada badtameez aadmi ho wo tameez ki baat nahi karte Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and starts to leave...Shivay holds her by her arm and pulls her back saying I told u not to move from this place...she says u cannot force me and he says, u do not need to tell me wat all I can do and cannot... he leaves her hand and she recalls wat all he did in the bedroom after Richa flew away and then the blast!

    Rudra asks Om if they need to do this right now as he is very sleepy and Om asks him to keep quiet and keep moving...Rudra has some gifts in hands, looks like they are preparing for the ritual

    Rudra says today is  their Suhaagraat and no one disturbs a couple on their SR...Om asks him to keep quiet and come with him and drags him along 
    Anika tells Shivay that I never thought u could do all this and Shivay recalls all the incidences with Daksh and says, even I didn't know u could do all this and jerks her a little!

    OmRu climbing up the stairs wen Rudra tells Om that Tia's family Pandit said no one could see her face before the Muh Dikhayi and Om says, even my Pandit told one thing...Rudra asks wat and Om says...Shut Up!

    Anika asks Shivay, wat did I do and he says, I do not need to tell you this...Anika says, fine...even I do not need to stay here in that case and I am leaving...she starts to leave again and Shivay screams with clenched teeth...Don't u dare!   Anika stops and he says, don't try to move from here until I permit you and OmRu are shown heading towards their room...Anika looks into his eyes and starts to walk out  and he screams...Anika...she stops and asks him why is he so scared...one day everyone will know the truth  then why not now and he says I will decide who should know wen and how much...not you!

    Anika says I am going, try if u can stop me and Shivay holds her arm and pushes her in the corner of a wall and asks her not to move...(Hilna Mat)

    Anika stands there all tensed and Shivay opens the door of his room  and finds OmRu standing outside!

    Shivay asks OmRu why haven't they slept till now and Rudra says don't know about Om but I was very sleepy...but suddenly O decided that we should give a welcome gift to Tia!
    Om looks inside the room and asks Shivay where is Tia as welcome gift is very important and Shivay says, she is in the bathroom...she is changing so!

    Om looks suspicious and says...Shivay...its okay we will wait!
    Shivay starts fumbling and says, she might take time and she is very tired and u both look so tired too...and even I am tired and need some rest so...please and Om says, more than tired u look tensed and nervous!   He asks Shivay if all okay and Om says I am perfectly fine and there's no problem...just couldn't rest so m very tired...u both go right now and give the gift to Tia tomorrow in the Muh Dikhayi and  Om still looks suspicious...keeps looking around the room but both wish a good night and leave!

    Shivay looks more tensed and Anika hears everything from behind the wall!

    Shivay comes back to her saying did u see...that is why I was saying leave after everyone sleeps...I do not  want anymore drama...u can leave after everyone sleeps...get that?   He screams asking her do u get that and she nods.!

    A while later Anika says...m leaving now and Shivay says stop...everyone must be asleep, u can go and I'll tell the driver to drop you...he starts to call the driver and Anika says that's not needed, I'll go on my own and Shivay asks her if she is out of her mind as its 2:30 am now!

    No one goes late so alone,...wat if something happens and Anika says, nothing more bad than you have already done can happen and Shivay says...Leave!

    Anika starts to leave again and Shivay says...Anika...she stops again and Shivay gets a Chunri...covers her head and finally, the usual O Jaana plays and Shivay stares at his bride under the veil holding it for a while
    Shivay recalls the first time wen he lifted her veil   (5th episode wen Anika took Tia's place on Rudra's insistence)

    He then recalls his words telling her to wear his name's MS, put his name's sindoor and recalls all the wedding moments and rituals and slowly pulls the veil down and covers her head!

    Shivay says I do not want anyone else to know that you are under the veil!  Anika says how will anyone see me in this veil and he holds her hand... sad Khoya Khoya plays and he drags her out!
    Lights were off wen Shivay was taking Anika out and suddenly lights turn on and whole family gathers around them screaming a  Surprise and all smiling and laughing!

    Shivika look nervous and a fumbling Shivay asks them wat are all of them doing here?

    Dadi smiles and says...all this was Omkara's idea...he said we should do Muh-Dikhayi tonight itself and Om stares Shivay already in disgust and Shivay gets nervous and asks why today...not required...Om asks why not...u only said rituals matter and not the time or the day

    Anika gets much tensed under the veil and Om says, waise bhi Shivay, parda jitni jaldi uth jaye utna behtar hai! 

    Pinky says right, Muh Dikhayi will happen right now, let us also see how our Tia looks as a bride and Om asks Dadi if they should start and Dadi agrees...Prinku and Soumya make their Tia Bhabhi sit for the ritual!

    Shivay already stands with a poker face and Pinky says, I have a big surprise for my Bahu but Dadi interrupts her and says, first I will  give her Muh-Dikhayi and watch her face and  starts to walk in Anika's direction!
    Anika shakes in nervousness crying under the veil and Dadi comes with Diamond Kangans in her hand and says, here is ur Muh Dikhayi and Anika thinks to herself...yeh to abhi bhi nahi bol rahe    

    She thinks I cannot stay quiet and fool Dadi anymore, if he is not telling, let it be, I will only tell the truth and Pinky asks Dadi to lift the veil and not make them wait anymore!

    Dadi starts lifting the veil and Shivay stands with a puppy face, with his head bent down!

    Dadi's big smile fades away and she gets utterly shocked seeing Anika under the veil and Shivay finally looks with a straight face...all the family member's smiles changing into shocked expressions is  shown and camera zooms on everyone's face...Tej looks hilarious

    All look towards Shivay and Pinky asks Shivay, there is a joke going on right? Why is Anika sitting in Tia's place Shivay and Jhanvi asks him if he married Anika and not Tia?

    Dadi recalls Anika touching her feet after the wedding was over and says, it means wat I felt was right...Shocked

    Rudra says, am I dreaming...this is Anika Didi not Tia!

    Dadi asks Shivay if wat Jhanvi said is true and Tej screams at him asking how is this even possible?

    Shakti asks him why did he not tell them all,  about this beforehand and Jhanvi questions if he already knew he married Anika and not Tia?

    Tej asks him why did he lie to all of them?  This is such a big lie and Pinky screams asking him to speak as Shivay stands lost in his own thoughts!    Anika cries and Shakti again screams at him asking how can he cheat his own family like this and finally Shivay comes in center asking all  of them to stay Quiet!

    Pinky says, koi quiets nahi rahega...main quiets nahi rahungi aaj  U always ask us to stay quiet but why is she sitting here?

    Pinky goes to Anika and says...aur tu baithi rahegi, khadi nahi hogi and picks Anika up holding her arms and Anika gets scared!

    Pinky asks u came to plan my son's wedding...we all had blind faith on you, we treated u like our daughter par tune apni middle class aukaat dikhane mein koi  kasar nahi chodi and Anika cries!   She further says that teri jaisi ladkiyan pyaar  ki nahi paison ki bhukhi hoti hain and  Om Prinku Soumya look disgusted with the words and  Shivay watches it all mum!

    Pinky smiles and says its not ur mistake Anika...hamara sar phir gaya tha jo tujhe sar par chadha liya hum sabne and asks her why did she do this?

    Anika looks down crying and Pinky starts shaking her holding her arms saying will u keep crying or tell us why did u spoil my child's life?

    ANika looks helplessly towards Shivay and Pinky says himmat kaise ki tune and raises her hand at Anika and whole family gets shocked but Shivay steps ahead, says Mom and  holds Pinky's hand!

    Anika gets shocked seeing this and Pinky watches towards Shivay in disbelief!   

    Precap;   Om asks Shivay if his decision was right and Shivay asks him wat should I have done?   I should have gone and announced that Oberoi Family's to be bride eloped?   Our stock prices would have fallen and we would have faced huge losses in business and Om screams at him asking if he cares only about stock prices...u did not think how low u have fallen with wat u did?

    OmRuShivay are shown in a jungle throwing a suitcase towards a car, someone catches the suitcase and the car goes away and Tia is shown in a sack and Shivay screams her nameSleepy