• Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 Written update
    Title: Shivay Learns of Daksh's Lies!
    Sneak Peek: Pinky cries in the Hall and Jhanvi comforts her and takes her inside, just wen Anika comes running inside the Mansion...She was about to call Pinky but Daksh puts a handkerchief on her mouth and while Shivay was entering inside the house, Daksh bluffs him and takes Anika away with him!
    Shivay senses something but by the time he turns, Daksh has taken her away!

    Episode starts with Daksh destroying Anika's phone wen Sahil calls her and she slaps him hard!
    After the slap Daksh gets more furious and holds Anika's neck tightly !

    Sahil wonders why is she not picking the call and Daksh covers her mouth with a tape and lifts her up, locks her inside the trunk of the car!

    Pinky instructs the servants of something just wen she sees Daksh standing inside the Mansion and she gets a little tensed!

    Daksh tells her I am back and Pinky Jhanvi greet him!  He asks them why are they so tensed seeing him and Pinky fake smiles!

    Daksh asks, where is my fiance and says, I went to meet Anika at her home but she was not there and I even called her but she didn't receive!  He says, usually wen she is not at her own house, she is here so where is she and says, please inform her, her fiance has come to see her!

    Pinky Jhanvi get nervous at this!

    Shivay  starts heading for some meeting but standing near his car he wonders, why is he not feeling good, like something is wrong and not getting a good feeling inside his heart!   He has a lump in his throat and he stands near Daksh's car,  tapping his fingers on the same car's trunk where Anika is locked and wonder, I feel something is not right, kuch bura hone wala hai!
    Shivay tells himself that he is overthinking and this can't be right...he moves his hand on the trunk of the car and Anika is shown struggling inside it!
    Daksh keeps asking Jhanvi Pinky about Anika and says, I know now Shivay is married so why would Anika come here , so u people must have removed Anika from the job right?  Or is it that u people have come  to know about Anika's truth, and Jhanvi Pinky wonder what he is talking about looking at him questioningly 

    Shivay moves away from the car and starts to go inside but turns back, look towards the car and comes near it again but gets a call and gets distracted, but still stands near the car !

    Pinky asks Daksh what he is talking about and Daksh acts as if he doesn't want to say it...Pinky insists and he says, mujhe toh batate hue bhi sharm aa rahi hai that Anika cheated on me, she betrayed me and  he had to do that engagement coz he has already taken the relationship to next level with her...he says, Anika forced herself on me, came close to me and forced me but now I understand  that all  this is her game plan and this wedding planning and trapping rich guys is what she actually does and he has come to  break the engagement with her here!

    He says, I am glad u people have thrown her out of this job as she is a characterless girl and Jhanvi screams at him saying what rubbish is this?  Anika is not this kind of a girl and we all  know her very well!

    Daksh smiles and says, this is the problem aunty, she pretends to be something but she is something else actually!  I also fell in love with her without knowing she is such a Chaalu kinda girl and Jhanvi asks him to just Shut Up!

    Jhanvi tells Daksh that Anika is now the DIL of this house so mind ur tongue while talking about her and Daksh pretends to be shocked hearing this and asks what?
    Shivay still keeps standing near the car and wondering but finally leaves and Anika manages to free herself from the tape on her  mouth and rope in her hands and opens the trunk!

    Daksh asks Jhanvi what do u all mean and Pinky crying tells him that Anika and Shivay are now married and he acts as a well wisher saying u could have atleast asked me once, Shivay ki life aapne barbaad kar di aisi ghatiya ladki se uski shadi karke and  Pinky cries!

    He questions how can Shivay marry such a girl I just don't believe this !  Shivay always talks about big family names and bloodline and even after I told everything to Shivay about Anika before leaving back to Delhi, still he got married to her?

    Pinky n Jhanvi get shocked hearing this and Pinky  asks him again if he told Shivay and he says yes I did tell him,  Anika jaisi ladki Oberoi Khandaan ki servant banne ke layak nahi hai aur aap logon ne use is ghar ki bahu bana diya?

    Pinky cries at the thought of all this and says, O My Maata!  Woh ladki itni chikni chupdi baatein kar rahi thi Jethani  Ji tabhi mujhe pata tha ke usne Shivay ke sath ye sab jo kiya hau uske peeche zarur koi wajah rahi hogi!    She cries saying mera mann nahi maan raha tha par wo middle class ladki, uski aukaat hi aisi hai, main to use pehle hi accept nahi  kar rahi thi lekin mummy ji ne use Devi banake ppojna shuru kar diya!

    She cries and tells Daksh that mere bachche ki zindagi barbaad ho gayi and holds her head 
    Jhanvi asks  Pinky what is wrong with her, this guy said and she believed
    She tells Pinky that we all know Anika is not this kinda girl and have u forgotten what all Anika has done for us?  Have u forgotten the situation  those 2 got married, still you are doubting her?

    Pinky says Jethani Ji Daksh is saying the same thing that Anika pretends to be something but her reality is something else and Daksh nods...Pinky says she is doing a drama infront of us all, to impress us  and make place for herself in our hearts and  Daksh like an Aag Lagau Panchayati Aunty keeps agreeing with Pinky 

    Pinky cries and says, this is why Mummy Ji acts as her Bhakt, had we  known the truth earlier, all this would not have happened and Jhanvi asks her to use her brain and just not trust anyone like that as its not good to trust someone like that without thinking!

    Pinky says, ye koi bhi nahi  hai, ye Daksh hai hamara bachcha aur ye humse jhooth kyon bolega...iska kya faida hoga Anika ki burai karke hamare saamne?

    She tells Jhanvi to think that Anika took just 2 days to become his fiance, she agreed for the engagement and then married Shivay and after Daksh left, she didn't even once talk about her fiance?

    Anika finally runs towards the mansion freeing herself but falls at the Mansion door while running inside!

     Daksh keeps provoking Pinky saying she didn't even message me once nor received my calls to her!  I am not surprised that she can do something like this coz its obvious that Shivay has more money than me and Anika  only and only loves money and nothing else!
    Anika gets hurt and struggles to get up, finally gets up and runs inside again!

    Pinky thanks Daksh saying u opened our eyes by telling us about that girl and now I won't let her stay even for a minute in this house!   As soon as Shivay comes I will tell him to throw Anika out of this house, Jhanvi watches her in anger and she says, Anika naam ka kooda ab mere ghar mein toh rahega hi nahi and cries again !

    Sahil overhears whole conversation

    Jhanvi takes inside a crying Pinky and Daksh sees Anika and puts a handkerchief on her mouth and drags her behind a pillar!

    Jhanvi senses something but by the time she turns, Daksh moves aside with Anika and Jhanvi Pinky leave from the place!

    Daksh makes her unconscious and lifts her up, but as soon as he reaches the door, he sees Shivay entering inside who is busy looking at his phone and he immediately hides behind the pillar again !

    Daksh peeps from behind the pillar while Shivay who is on a call, takes back steps, and Anika lies on the floor with her hands outside,  just wen Shivay was about to step on Anika's hand, Daksh  drags her like an object and again lifts her up,  smirks while looking towards Shivay with Anika in his hands and runs out before Shivay turned back to see!

    Shivay sensed something again and his music played too but Anika was gone by thenHe tells himself, whats wrong with me, why am I still thinking about Anika, why do I feel she is in some danger and he asks himself to Shut Up and control himself  and that there's no need to think about her or worry for her, just no need!  
    Pinky walks inside  screaming Anika's name and saying today she will have to answer me!
    Jhanvi tries to calm her down but Pinky says, ulte pair wapas bhej dungi use yahan se, nahi bheja toh mera naam  bhi Pinky nahi 

    Jhanvi tells her that she is over reacting and should relax now as there are always 2 sides to  a coin and same ways, 2 perspectives to every situation and just like she heard Daksh, she should hear Anika's side too once and Pinky starts screaming saying she would again fool us with her story just like she did to Daksh...she does this with every family and would do the same with us so you only listen to her not me!

    Daksh is shown taking Anika towards the car and Jhanvi Pinky keep arguing over Anika!   

    Pinky tells Jhanvi that finally we have seen the real face of this girl, aankhon dekhi makhkhi main nahi nigalne wali aur is ladki ka saaya bhi nahi  padne dungi apne bete par!

    She  runs inside Jhanvi stands near a CCTV camera that has the footage of whats happening at Mansion door playing on it where Daksh and Anika can be seen!  Shew goes near it to see what is it but she hears Prinku screaming at someone  on the call that why is he again  n again calling and troubling her and Jhanvi runs to check on Prinku, meanwhile, Daksh takes away Anika in the car!
    Prinku is on call with the ACP  and tells him that he has made it difficult to survive for her and ACP says, this is  what I want, that you realize the value of life!
    He asks her why didn't she come to meet him and she screams saying I already told you that I am busy!

    ACP says, even I told you that if you don't come, I would come to meet you and she says, if you do not stop troubling me, I would inform my brothers and  ACP says,  you won't do anything  like this Priyanka coz you know already what I would do after that and Prinku tells him that she is not scared of his threats!

    ACP says, just coz I am saying it directly to you, you are taking it as a threat, looks like I have to do it and show it to you!  Be ready, I am coming and she says No but finds Jhanvi and Pinky standing behind her and she gets nervous!

    Jhanvi Pinky ask her who was she talking to and who is troubling her  and she stammers and says, it was a wrong no.!

    Jhanvi asks her why so long on a wrong no. and  she says it was an irritating person that's why I screamed at him and Jhanvi gets worried and asks her again if she is saying the truth and Prinku says yes and leaves with some excuse!   Jhanvi worries for her thinking there must be something, she looked worried and I hope everything is fine but Pinky again blames Anika saying sab thik kaise hoga, jabse us Anika ke manhoos kadam pade hain is ghar pe,  museebaton ke pahad toot rahe hain sab pe!

    Shivay in his room stands worried just wen Shakti comes to him asking about Anika and  he screams at his Dad saying I don't know and why is everyone asking me about her as if I am her manager...?

    Shakti asks him why is he misbehaving and getting so angry,  has he forgotten his manners to talk to his dad and Shivay apologizes to Shakti...and says I don't know and Shakti hands over a file to Shivay asking  Shivay to give it to Anika!

    Shivay asks him what is it and Shakti says, Anika had taken a loan to get Sahil enrolled in a new school but now when you have got Sahil enrolled in some other school, the previous School has returned the fee and now Anika can decide what she has to do with these 15 Lacs!  

    Shivay Shocked and asks. 15 Lacs

    Shakti asks him if he doesn't know that Anika took a loan of 15 Lacs to get her brother enrolled  in a good Boarding School and he only got her loan approved at Dadi's insistence!

    Shivay asks him when did this happen and Shakti says, just a day before ur wedding and Shivay gets shocked and recalls Soumya asking the  servant to send tea for Anika to Daksh's room!

    Shakti gives him the file and  says, ask Anika what she intends to do with the money and leaves while Shivay checks the file and recalls Daksh's words and whatever he saw in Daksh's room and  asks himself, Matlab  jo kuch Daksh ne kaha tha wo Jhooth Tha !  

    Precap at the end is Shivay confirming with Soumya about whether she was with Anika all night and Soumya says yes!  Shivay goes to Anika's house and finds her broken phone and wonders why is it broken, Daksh calls him and informs he has taken Anika and Shivay screams at him asking where has he taken Anika...!  Last mein he says, main aa raha hu Anika