• Ishqbaaz 17th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 17th December 2016 Written Update
    Title: An Attack On Anika! 
    Sneak Peek: Shivay tells Anika that she has broken his trust, under this roof she spent a night with Daksh and took an amount as good as 15 Lacs. for that! Anika in her old house in the blue dress cries, suddenly the power goes off and Daksh is seen, he takes off his mask and hood and reveals his real face and Anika gets shocked! I clicked precap by mistake, Anika slapped Daksh and came running to OM and he kidnapped her, Shivay after that went to Soumya to enquire about the tea incident and Soumya told him the truth.
    Episode starts with Anika telling Shivay that why is he not understanding that Tia is lying to him and she asks him to trust her! He asks her, trust, if I have to trust one between you and Tia, I'll always trust Tia, not once but a thousand times and Anika asks him to open his eyes and see wat is Tia doing with him and he says, all thanks to you! She asks wat does he mean and he says, SSO doesn't make same mistake twice, once girl already broke his trust, he won't give a second chance to her to break his trust! She asks him if he is talking about her, all confused and he says, wow Anika, u r so good at faking ur honesty and goodness! She gets confused and he says, had I not known ur truth, 
    I would have also believed that u r the most innocent and good girl in this world but No, I know ur truth, I know it about you and she pleads him to tell her what he is talking about, which truth? She requests but he gets angry and clenches his teeth, remembering every word that Daksh said and says Forget It, starts to leave but Anika holds his hand and tells him that he cannot leave without telling her today, he always taunts her for lying to him and betraying him but today he will have to tell what is it all about? He says, jo karte hue tumhe sharm nahi ayi, wo bolte hue bhi mujhe sharm aa rahi hai and I won't waste anymore time on you, he doesn't look back and tries to get off her hold and leave but she doesn't leave the hand and stops him again saying u will have to take time out for me ! These accusations that I see in ur eyes for me, I want to hear them out today from ur own mouth, please tell me Shivay what have I done, please tell me! He turns back in anger and says, 

    Anika u have broken my trust! He jerks her hand and they both keep staring into each other's eyes, he asks her who is she to raise a finger at Tia wen she herself is a giri hui characterless girl! Anika gets shocked at this, has tears in her eyes! He says, I don't know what all you have done in this house, under this roof and looks disgusted while saying all this! She screams asking this is all what I want to know that what is my crime? (she is still asking very politely : Shivay looks down and she keeps asking Shivay please say what have I done, she pleads him to speak up and he loses it finally, screams at her with his eyes all red in anger, tumne mere ghar mein, is chatt ke neeche Daksh ke saath ek raat guzari hai! Anika gets shocked hearing this, and he says, u slept with him, tum soyi ho uske saath pointing finger towards her and Anika's eyes fill up with tears! She stands dumbfound for a moment and asks him if he really thinks so and he asks her not to pretend anymore, 
    yeh parda ab hatt gaya hai! She asks him, aapko sach mein lagta hai main itni giri hui hu? He says, mujhe lagta nahi hai Anika I know it, tum bohot giri hui hu and she cries, asks him like a little kid, aapko lagta hai main aisa kar sakti hu, still in disbelief over what all he said and her voice shaking He says, tumne ek raat guzari hai, aur uske liye achchi khaasi rakam li hai...he points his hand at her from top to bottom saying 15c Lacs...15 Lacs Anika and claps saying Well Done! Ek middle class ladki ke liye kaafi mehngi ho tum and she finally raises her hand at him but he stops it, holding her hand and says, dobara nahi...

    she has tears all over her face and says, aaj tak aapne mujhe bohot kuch kaha, mere saath bohot kuch kiya...lekin main kabhi nahi tooti Shivay, lekin aaj, jo aapne kaha hai na, tod diya hai aapne mujhe! Meri poori zindagi cheen to chuke the aap, bas ek izzat thi, wo...she sobs...and says, wo aaj nilaam ho gayi...main jeete ji marr gayi Shivay...jeete ji marr gayi 
    Shivay looks affected for a moment but composes himself back and again jerks her hand saying Tamasha Band karo, I have seen ur truth from my own eyes. Main hamesha kehta tha ki har cheeze ki ek keemat hoti hai, lekin fir bhi mujhedil mein ek ummeed thi ki tum mujhe galat saabit karogi, lekin nahi, main sahi nikla! Kabhi socha nahi tha ke sahi saabit hone par bhi dil mein chot mehsoos hoti hai...He makes a crying face and says, tum na ek giri hui, manipulative, gold digger ho Anika, jo bazar mein padi hui, un chand paiso ke liye, ek raat ke liye khareedi ja sakti hai! His facial expressions say he is so disgusted with her He further says, jaise tumhe Daksh ne khareeda...
    yehi tumhari sachchai hai! He goes near her, holds her face aggressively and saysa, isiliye main tumhari shakal nahi dekhna chahta! Tumhare khayal se bhi nafrat karta hu and he pushes her away jerking her face, wanting to speak further but leaves disgusted and angry! Sad O Jaana female plays, and Anika cries! 

    Tia in a jungle, alone, in white dress burns Robin's body doing his last rites, and recalls her mom's words on phone that good Robin has died, he was just an obstacle in our way and now that he is gone, u would be completely able to concentrate on Shivay, now crying won't make sense okay, just forget him like a bad chapter of ur life that got over and she cries recalling all that, she says, Robin I will never forget you, 
    I will always, always love you and recalls how he was crazily hugging her on her wedding day with Shivay and burns his body! She screams, ur death is not an accident, but a murder and the reason is Anika, if she had not followed me, nothing like this would have happened with you but I promise u Robin, aaj jaise main tadap rahi hu, wo bhi tadpegi...jaise uski wajah se tum mujhse door ho gaye ho, main Shivay ko usse door kar dungi and she screams loudly, 
    I will destroy her, main tumhe barbaad kar dungi Anika! Anika in her old house, in the blue dress, lost in her thoughts and walking recalling all that Shivay said...She cries recalling every word of him and breaks down! Suddenly power goes off and she sits on the couch, all scared folding her hands and feet and looks around! 

    The door opens and starts banging on its own! She gets down to see but someone holds her foot and she falls like last time! She somehow releases her foot but the guy holds her by her hair, removes his hood and the mask and she is shocked to see Daksh! She recalls all the old attacks and Daksh touches her face, creepily! She recalls his proposal of marriage and says, Daksh? He says, yes, Daksh...Is...Back! 
    Smiles and says, we meet again pulling her hair and she screams in pain! She asks him so u r the one who called me here and he nods and smiles! She asks him about all the old attacks, if he was the one doing all that and requests him to leave her but he holds her tighter and says, kamaal hai Anika...tum itni bewkoof ho ye mujhe nahi pata tha! Wen u did not accept my proposal, these attacks started on u and wen u accepted the proposal, attacks stopped, u still did not understand? 
    He moves his finger all over her face and she cries, asking him why did he do this? He pulls her hair some more and she screams in pain...he says, karna pada! Kyonki tumne koi option nahi choda...holding her face tightly with other hand and squeezing it Daksh holds Anika's face tighter moving it to and fro and says, Karna Pada! He suddenly leaves her face and she screams out loud,...he does all his psychotic acts making weird faces and says, Tumne option nahi choda Anika...

    tumse behadd mohabbat kar baitha! Aur tum meri taraf dekhti bhi nahi thi...meri nazrein tum par, aur tumhari nazrein Shivay par? Ye to galat hai na Anika...galat hai,...and he pulls her hair again asking her to speak up and she nods crying! He says, that is why I thought to play a game...Lets play a Game! Lets Scare you so that u come close to me...he again holds her face and hurts her some more and she keeps screaming and crying and he says, but u went to that Shivay, in his arms! Mangeytar Meri...
    Aur Shivay Se Shadi...  Not good, that's not good Anika and she asks him how did he come to know about her marriage? He smiles all proud of himself and says, Anika, my eyes are on u 24*7! Tum saans bhi leti ho na, to I come to know and she tries to get up but he pulls her hard and she screams in pain! He asks her to keep quiet and sit, shows her the black doll and asks her, did u see this? That's my friend, say Hi to her shaking the doll's hand He shows the doll's eyes to Anika and says, can u see them? These are my eyes, ye meri aankhen hai Anika, isme camera fit hai, to tum yahan pe jo bhi karti ho ya is ghar mein jo bhi hota hai, mujhe sab pata chal jata hai and a flashback is shown of Anika in her bridal attire and taking off her jewelry and Daksh saw it all! Shivay is shown by the poolside walking and thinking, 

    all restless and tells himself, whats wrong with me, I know whatever Anika has done is wrong, she lied to me, betrayed me aur Daksh ke saath...fir mujhe bura kyon lag raha hai,...royi wo aur takleef yahan ho rahi hai...he recalls how Anika tried to slap him and the way she cried and says, its weird feeling,just a weird feeling! He behaves crazy and says, sambhal apne aap ko Shivay! Daksh tells Anika tumhe Shivay se shadi nahi karni chahiye thi, tum meri fiance ho, He pulls her close harshly and she cries and he sees her hand and asks her, u took off the engagement ring I gave u...she tries to speak but he says touching her hands in the most creepy way, hamare pyaar ki nishani utaar di...she says, Daksh, just one min, that ring...she tries to speak but he holds her face and says, Anika...u really hurt me ! He pulls her some more close and screams on her face and says., U hurt me, again smiles and says, ab iski saza milegi! Screams again, Iski Saza tumhe milegi Anika and he makes her get up forcefully and drags her along...
    while taking her she hits the side table and her phone falls! Sahil comes to Shivay asking, Mr. SSO, Anika Didi is not at home and no one knows where has she gone...do u know where has Anika Didi gone? Shivay says, how would I know Sahil, she must be here somewhere! Sahil says, I looked everywhere but she is not here and Shivay says, she must have gone out for some work and will be back! Sahil looks worried and says, she never goes out without telling me and Shivay rudely replies, what do I do, if u r so worried just call her and he leaves angrily! Sahil calls and Anika sees Sahil calling but Daksh destroys her phone by stepping on it and Anika just slaps him hard! Daksh just gets mad after the slap and shakes in anger and Anika looks scared! 
    Precap: Anika running into the mansion just wen Daksh comes after her and covers her mouth with a handkerchief and drags her along...Shivay turns back to see but finds no one! Next they show Shivay in Soumya's room telling her he wants to talk to her and asks, that day wen u told in the kitchen that send Anika's tea to Daksh's room, how did you know that Anika is in Daksh's room? Soumya says, I knew coz I was with her sometime back before that and Shivay asks, all night? She says, yes all night and Shivay gets shocked