• Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 - Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written update

    Episode starts with Anika walking in the hall wen she hears Tia on call with someone.  Anika hides behind the pillar and hears her conversation with her Baby telling him that she has carried the swimsuit with her and she is just leaving...Anika thinks ye Cheapdi  kisse phusphusa ke baat kar rahi hai, pakka uska D hoga 
    Tia tries to sneak out of the Mansion but she trips while getting down the stairs and her handbag falls and all the stuff inside spreads around...Anika goes to help her but Tia asks her not to touch it and Anika asks her, why, koi tumhare saaman ko haath lagayega to kya tumhare Kameenepan ke keetanu (virus)  unme aa jayenge?
    Anika while keeping back her stuff sees a pamphlet for the resort and Tia again gets up to leave in a hurry wen Anika asks her if she is going somewhere?

    Tia says none of ur business and Anika says, I asked just like that. Tia asks her to stay in her limits as she is no one to ask her things just like that and  Anika asks her if she stays in her limits?

    Tia asks her not to dictate things to her coz if Shivay Baby has stopped her from leaving doesn't mean she has found a permanent place in this house, he only did it coz he wanted divorce proceedings  to speed up coz both Shivay and her want to get rid of Anika Sleepy

    Anika says, jo khud baal mein chipki chewing gum ki tarah  ho, wo peecha chudane ki baat  kare to achcha nahi lagta

    Tia asks her to shut up and threatens her to complain to Shivay Baby that Anika was misbehaving with herSleepy

    Anika asks her, u will complain about me, Shikayati  Chattuu kahin ki and she smiles
    Tia asks Anika how dare she call her that and raises her hand at Anika but Anika holds her hand and says, ye jo manicure wale haath hain, inhe zara sambhal ke, kyonki ye  jo aaloo poori banane wale haath apni wali par aa gaye to tumhe aate ki tarah goondh ke rakh denge 
    And remember one thing Tia, kaan khol ke sun lo...mera divorce ho ya na ho aur main is ghar mein rahun ya na rahun,  par tumhe main is ghar mein nahi rehne dungi and she jerks Tia's hand saying, is ghar ke log bohot achche hain, tumhe main unki zindagi mein raita phailane nahi dungi Tia !

    Tia leaves saying I don't have time right now otherwise I would have given a good answer to you for this challenge of urs!
    Sahil walks in the house but his crutch falls and he struggles to pick it up just wen Shivay comes and gives him a hand...Sahil holds his hand and Shivay picks up his crutch, makes him stand again and Sahil says a thank you...Shivay says a welcome but both show attitude and no smile exchange happens 

    Tia talks to her mom while driving and says, she is going to meet Robin and she can't stop her as she is going to meet her husband and she has a life to, being her mom she cannot always stop her from meeting her husband as its her anniversary and she doesn't need her permission and disconnects the call!

    Anika reaches Rudra and Om for help and Rudra says, following Lady Baba?  I won't even follow her on social media and do u remember wat happened last time?

    Anika says yes, I remember hamara pappu ban gaya tha but is bar nahi banega!

    She goes to Om and says, I am sure we will catch Tia red handed  and Om says, Anika its wrong as last time also we doubted Tia and she cleared our doubts but again, and Anika says, I don't have doubts, I am sure, Tia is not wat she  pretends to be and Om says, I don't think so,  especially after her kidnapping I don't think she is lying!
    Anika tries to convince him by saying she is lying and we have to expose her! 
    Anika tells Om, we have to catch Tia for Shivay's sake...I am telling you she is already married and I am sure, today she has gone to meet her husband!
    Om gets thinking and Anika says, having a lifetime of doubt is better than  clearing it now itself!

    OmRu look towards each other and Om says, fine, but last time!

    Sahil opens his tiffin and starts to eat and Shivay comes there, sits near him on the couch and asks him, why is he eating from the tiffin?

    Sahil says, I should have been in my school at this time and I should have been eating this tiffin in lunch time but someone got me out of that school!  He looks towards Shivay angrily and  says, that is why I couldn't go to school!

    Shivay:  School se naam katwa diya?  Aise kaun bolta hai?

    Sahil:  Main aur meri Anika didi!  Kuch logon ko hamari language bohot ajeeb lagti hai!

    Both keep talking without looking towards each other 
    Shivay:  Taana maarne ki beemari khandaani lagti hai!

    Sahil:  Sach bolne ki  beemari khandani hai

    Shivay takes his tiffin in  his hand and asks, wat is this?

    Sahil says, its food and Shivay asks, who made this, no who burnt this food?

    Sahil says, my Anika didi...and this is not burnt, this is very tasty!

    Shivay rolls his eyes and says, jala bhuna khate hain isliye dono bhai behen jale hue rehte hain

    Sahil asks him if he said something and Shivay takes the tiffin back and says, come with me, c'mon!
    Tia still driving to the resort finds AniOmRu following her in another car and gets conscious saying, this Anika is after my life!
    Ta speeds up and Anika wonders, why is she driving so fast!   They keep having a racing competition!

    Shivay prepares a Hot Chocolate Fudge for Sahil and hands it to him and Sahil tastes it...Shivay ask, like it?  U can tell me!

    Sahil asks wat should I tell?

    Shivay:  Yahi ki ye us jale hue khane se kai better hai!
    Sahil says, Ji Nahi, meri Anika didi ka jala hua khana aapke chocolate fudge se bohot achcha hai and Shivay asks, behen ke bhai ho ya chamche? 

    Shivay recalls Anika's fear of darkness and how she hugged him saying she was afraid of dark, and asks Sahil if where they stay, if that place has too much of power cuts and Sahil asks, why do u care?

    Shivay says, wen the power would go off eveytime there, u must be very scared right, and ur sister too?

    Sahil says, baat ko jalebi ki tarah mat ghumaiye, jo puchna hai seedhe seedhe puchiye?

    Shivay asks, u must be having many frends too there right?  U must be missing them?   Wo...wo...Chukti?   (He recalls Anika calling some chutki in her sleep)

    Shivay asks him again if he misses Chutki and if he gets dreams too?

    Sahil screams and says, be clear and ask me straight watever u have to, about Anika didi?

    Shivay says, nothing about Anika, u just enjoy ur chocolate fudge and wonders, both bro-sis are the same, to take something out of them is a tough task
    Finally Anika spots Tia's car and all three get down to check and Rudra says, lady baba is missing?
    Anika says, I told u guys, she must have guessed we are following her so she fooled us leaving the car here and ran away!
    Tia is shown in a Taxi and curses her fate as the petrol got over in the car and Om checks the car and says, the petrol got over that is why she left the car here!

    Anika tries to explain him that she was scared  as we were following  that is why she left the key too!

    Rudra wonders now where will we find her and Anika remembers the pamphlet she saw and says, I saw a book with her for some resort, she must have gone there and she tries to recall the name, she says I couldn't read the name!

    Rudra says, there are so many resorts here, where will we find her?
    Then he wonders, Tia doesn't remember directions and does his logic gesture and smiles Om asks him,  u mean to say she also doesn't know just like us where she is going and Rudra explains that she must have put a location in GPS  where she has to go and he asks Om to check the GPS in the car and Om finds it and calls Rudra a genius!

    He finds the resort's name and all three reach there...!  Om tells her that there is no booking here in the name of Tia Kapoor and Anika says, it must have been booked in some other name and Om  says, its impossible to find her in such a big resort!

    Anika remembers she saw a swimsuit and says Pool...she requests Om to check the pool area once as she saw the clothes with Tia!
    OmRu agree and all three look for her!
    DushTia tell each other how much they missed each other while romancing in the poolDead

    AniOmRu keep looking everywhere while DushTia have raasleela in the pool 
    All three stand right in the opposite direction of DushTia but couldn't see them...Tia finds the three looking for her and asks D to hide in the pool as the three have reached here looking for her!
    D argues why should I hide and Tia pleads him to hide, he keeps arguing, main kyon jau, main kisi se nahi darta and Tia pushes him in the water all nervous and  he goes inside Shocked   (Tia killed him)

    AniOmRu find Tia in the pool and get shocked and Tia also pretends to see them now and comes out asking why they have come here, if they are following her again?

    Om asks her what is she doing here and she mocks him asking wat does one do in the swimming pool?

    Rudra says, u came so far just to swim? We have a swimming pool in our own house

    Tia says, ghar me stress bhi to hai, looking towards Anika and says,  I just wanted to relax for the weekend and asks Om, I am surprised how come u again believed Anika being so sensible and intelligent?
    Anika asks Tia to stop with her nonsense and tell them clearly with whom she has come here and Tia asks  her, can u see someone else here, can't  I come alone?
    Anika looks around but there is no one and water is still Shocked

    Tia asks her if she can see someone here and Anika asks her why she had to hide from everyone if she was coming here?   Tia says, I informed Shivay Baby before coming here but if u have a doubt, u can call him and confirm!

    Om apologizes to her for doubting her and asks Anika to come along and all three leave!

    Tia asks her D Baby to come out as they have left but no one responds...she stands out of the pool saying, RobinShocked    u and ur pranks!

    She goes inside saying Robin please come out and Robin's body suddenly appears and floats on the water and she screams...she tries to wake him up asking him not to joke as its their anniversary today but no response!
    She finds blood on the backside of his head and remembers how she pushed him inside and he hit the iron steps that time and injured himself!   She screams his name asking him how can he leave her like that, Universe has done the biggest joke with her on her Anniversary and she goes mad...she laughs like a maniac and says, Tia Kapoor pe joke 
    AniOmRu reach home and find Shivay on call and wonder, if he came to know if he came to know wat they did?
    All the keep talking and Shivay asks them wat are they talking?  Om was about to speak but Rudra says, all 3 of us went on a drive!

    Shivay looks questioningly and Rudra says, we were not following anyone, she came infront on her own and Shivay asks wat?  Om gives angry looks to Rudra and starts to explain to Shivay that Anika thought...and Rudra cuts him in between saying, Bhabhi  wanted to see Lonavala and we took her there and I also wanted to have the Chikki !(sweet)

    We went to the resort and wo khud mil gayi wahan pe hume!

    Shivay asks who?  Rudra says, Shanti...mann  ki shanti and OmRu both smile to convince him but Anika blurts out Tia...Shivay asks, u 3 met Tia in Lonavala?

    Rudra imitates how he was walking and sudden;y bumped into Tia there and said, Bhabhi aap, what a coincidence! .Ouch   He says, wo Tia hamesha Universe Universe karti rehti hai, ab Universe itna chota ho gaya ke wo kahhin bhi mil jati hai

    Om asks Rudra to shut up and again starts explaining Shivay but Shivay gets a call and excuses himself!

    Rudra says, I saved us all and Om says,  it would have been better had we spoken the truth...Rudra says, Sach ke boyfriend aap  ho main nahi and it would have been a big problem had we spoken the truth!
    Anika in the room bumps into Shivay while walking and Shivay asks her,. wats all this going on Anika?

    She asks wat and he says, wen Rudra talks like this, I know he is hiding something, tell me what is it and Anika says, u don't have to worry, koi raita nahi phaila hai!

    She starts to leave but he stops her saying, I want to know, Anika and she says, I already told u  kuch nahi hua, bas hote hote reh gaya!

    Shivay asks wat does she mean and she says, I thought Tia had gone to meet her husband and he asks her if she is mad? 

    She says, Ji nahi, par aapki Tia ekdum Cheapdi zarur hai, wo  aapko Pappu bana rahi hai aur Shivay aap use Pappu banane de bhi rahe hain apne, aaj main use pakad leti lekin  pata nahi use kaise pata chal gaya main wahan hu aur gancha de gayi!

    Shivay asks her to stop with this language, wats all this Gancha, Pappu and all Why is she so obsessed with Tia and after her always?   He says, FYI u r and Anika asks, what S ?

    He says, For your information...Tia had already informed me she is going to Lonavala, still u went after her following her and that too with OmRu ?
    And these OmRu too,  Bhabhi Bhabhi karte karte chale gaye?
    I can understand Rudra but Om, he also went along with u?   Now what will Tia that, that no one in this family trusts herSleepy
    He tells her that Tia is already going through a tough phase and now u did this to her, now whenever she returns, you will apologize to her!

    Anika smiles and says, achcha Shivay, aapko pata hai na, main waisi ladkiyon se kaise maafi maangti hu?
    She says, why don't u understand that Tia is lying to u, please trust me!

    Shivay says, trust, and me, that too on you?

    Precap:  Anika holds Shivay's hand and stops him from leaving asking him he has to tell her today anyhow what is it that's bothering him about her !

    Shivay says, tumne mera bharosa toda hai Tia, he screams, is chatt ke  neeche Daksh ke saath ek raat guzari hai, tum soyi ho uske saath, aur uski achchi khaasi rakam li hai, 15 Lakh Rs.,  Anika.
    Ek middle class ladki ke liye  kaafi mehngi ho tum and Anika has tears in her eyes, she raises her hand at him  and he stops her by holding her hand