• Ishqbaaz 15th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 15th December 2016 Written update 
    Title:  Sahil's New School!
    Sneak Peek: Shivika in their room and Anika in that white suit from Promo...she asks Shivay why is he doing that, sometimes he does good sometimes bad, again in few days he'll do soething wrong, she says, kabhi mujhe phasa denge, kabhi bachayenge aur kuch samajh nahi ayega to mujhe pool mein daal denge, aap aise kyon hain?
    Sometimes I feel u want to say something to me, ur eyes are accusing me but ur tongue is tied, please tell me what  is it?

    He starts to  leave and she stops him running after him asking today u will have to tell me, from some days u have been behaving as if I ditched you!   Shivay says yes u have deceived me, You...!!!

    Episode starts with Labzon ka playing and all three brothers side hug...Rudra does a hilarious Lady Baba style walk to tease Shivay and Shivay runs after him...all three spend some light funny moments and Anika watches from outside the room with tears in her eyes and starts to leave, just wen Rudra notices her and calls Bhabhi...Shivay looks towards her and all three get up...
    Om says, Rudra, waise kehte hain shadi ke baad bhai paraya dhan ho jata hai...Rudra says, coz their Bhabhi is not like our Bhabhi, they are losers

    He calls Anika inside but she hesitates,  he comes and holds her hand taking her inside and asking her to come fast as the Obros moment is passing away...he makes her stand near Shivay and Om says, thank you Anika for reuniting us all three again,  waise Obro moment mein no one else is allowed but you are more then welcome, Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi !!

    Shivika have an eyelock hearing this and OmRu smile seeing them,...she makes OmRu stand near Shivay and says, all 3 of you look really good together and ye kitni bhi tadi kyon na maare,  kabhi inka saath mat chodna!

    Rudra tells her to be with them always coz if she won't be there, he will get Machmachi...Shivay immediately says, its called MichMichi and Omru give him looks

    Rudra says, isi baat pe ho jaye, Dil Bole...Shivay doesn't do it so Rudra asks him to do it and Shivay raises his hand like a school kid  and Anika too...all 4 do Dil Bole Oberoi !!

    Anika makes the bed at night and takes her blanket and pillow and starts to leave, Shivay watches from a distance and asks her where is she going, to sleep outside?
    He shuts his laptop and says,  I want to talk to you!

    She says I don't want to hear anything!

    Shivay:  Anika I wanted to say  that...she starts to leave wen he fumbles  and he says, Anika I am not done yet,  she says, u r forever stuck on one line so ur talk will always remain unfinished !

    He says, yes bcz u r again n again interrupting...let me talk and she asks him to speak up...he says, maain  keh raha tha...tum samajh rahi ho na...wahi jo tumne OmRu se kaha...Anika looks at him and he  fumbles...it was...sahi...sahi tha...

    Anika does a fed up gesture and starts to leave wen he says,  Anika let me finish I am still not done and she says, wen u know u won't be able to speak it then why do you even try?

    Shivay:  Wat do you mean?

    Anika:  I know what u r trying to say and I also know that like always, you will again not be able to say it bcoz u have never learnt to say a thank you and anyway I don't need you thank you and she starts to leave, Shivay takes it as a challenge and goes after her,  twirls her and pins her o the wall and they have an eyelock, again holding her by her arms!
    Shivay:  Wat do you mean zarurat nahi hai, agar main thank you bol raha hu to umhe lena padega!

    Anika fumbling, You do not need to "give me" any thank you coz watever I did was not for u, it was for Dadi, OmRu and Pinky aunty as they all were worried and I couldn't see it!
    Shivay gets disheartened with Anika's saying she did it for family so asks her, okay so u did all this for the family not me?
    Anika says yes and he says, watever I did was also for the family!

    She says, but in any case, what you did was wrong!  He asks her  to stop it and not repeat the same thing again and again!

    She starts to speak again but he says, u r getting angry, u were just getting angry at me and she says, I was getting angry coz I am tired and I am sleepy and u r wasting my time!
    Shivay:  Main...tumhara time barbaad kar raha hu?
    Anika:  Maine bhi yahi ola, Hindi mein and she leaves and a dumbfound Shivay says, badtameez ladki, mujhe tadi baaz kehti hai aur khud to...bhar bhar ke, tadi bhari hui hai isme !

    Anika near her sleeping couch in another room to herself:  Aye bade mujhe thankyou  bolne wale, jaise main to mari ja rahi hu inka Thank You sunne ke liye!  Aur thank you bhi aise bol rahe hain jaise mujhe pe koi  ehsaan kar rahe ho, meherbaani kar rahe ho!
    Meri puri zindagi mein raita phaila diya hai, ab inhe lagta hai  mujhe thank you ka jhunjhuna (toy) thama denge to main khush ho jaungi

    She sleeps on the couch asking her to calm down and not think about bagad Billa before sleeping otherwise she will get nightmares and she asks herself to sleep!

    Shivay in his room finds Anika's blanket lying on the floor and  he picks it up calling her careless girl as she just got well from a fever and will again fall sick due to her carelessness!
    He goes to other room calling her name but finds her sleeping so  he keeps the blanket near her and thinks she will herself cover herself wen she feels cold...was about to leave just wen he turns back, watches her and O Jaana music plays, he covers her with the blanket  nicely and switches off the light and starts to leave again!
    But he stops remembering how she was scared of the dark the other day and again turns back, switches on the lamp and leaves!

    Anika and Sahil stand at the Mansion door and she tells him that its the first day of his school and he should not care if someone teases him!
    She gets a call from the Principal of the Boarding Scholl who refuses to take Sahil in her school and Anika  questions her on her decision calling it wrong but Principal says, this order has come from the Board of Trustees Head and Anika asks who is this person, Principal says, Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and Anika disconnects the call  hearing this

    Sahil asks her if something is wrong with his bus and Anika says, no something is wrong with Bagad Billa's mind!

    Tia comes there and mocks Anika of how much will she use her Shivay Baby, he is already keeping her and now her brother has come too so why will he pay for his school fee?

    Tia says, SSO is a businessman Anika and no businessman would want losses and she leaves!

    Soumya and Prinku sit together having tea  just wen Prinku gets a call from the ACP and she gets tensed!
    She takes the call and ACP asks her if she is having tea?  Prinku gets scared and looks around and excuses herself from Soumya and goes out!

    ACP asks her if she got scared?  He says, don't worry, it was just a guess and m not keeping a watch on you!

    She asks him the reason for calling and he says, I want to meet you!

    She refuses to come and he says, if u can't come I will come...she says no and he says, better hoga  ke tum aajao warna main aa gaya to utha ke le jaunga 

    Prinku disconnects and gets tensed!

    Anika comes inside the Mansion thinking why is he spreading raita in her brother's life and goes to talk to him in anger just wen a servant comes informing her that someone has come to meet her!

    Anika goes to meet another School Principal who has come to complete Sahil's new school's formalities and says, from tomorrow Sahil can join us as all formalities are complete!

    Anika says, ur school is very costly and even the fooding and accommodation is so expensive,  uniform books everything will come to cost around 50 Lacs

    Anika says, that is why I got him admitted in another school  and that too with  a loan of 15 Lacs that I had got on recommendation and the Principal informs,  the person who got the admission done has already paid the complete school fee!

    She shows the payment receipt to Anika and leaves and Anika wonders who paid 50 Lacs for her brother!

    Anika shows the Admission file to Dadi and Dadi gets happy saying this is so good as this is the best Boarding  School in the city and Sahil can come to meet you every Sat-Sun!
    Anika asks her this is fine but why did you do this for us as I already owe you a lot, you saved my house, gave me a loan and now Sahil's admission, how will I repay you?

    Dadi says, I have not done this and Anika says, receipt has Oberoi Office's stamp on it so who has done this if not you?

    Dadi checks again and says, he has done this!  Aniak asks who and Dadi says, didn't you understand, the one who does everything in the Oberoi office, Billu, ur husband!

    Anika gets shocked and says, Shivay?  Sahil : Bagad Billa?  

    Dadi says, my Billu is not that bad and leaves smilling!

    Anika starts to leave too and Sahil asks her if he should come along to teach a lesson to Billu Ji?   Aniak says, I alone am enough for him and leaves!

    Shivay in room makes coffee for himself and sips it just wen Anika walks inside in speed saying Shivay Singh Oberoi and he spits out the coffee hearing that 

    She asks him wat  does he think of himself and he asks wats wrong with her?  She spilled his Espresso! 

    Anika says, aapki Ex-presso gayi  chulhe mein !

    She asks him wat is his problem?  If he played cricket in his childhood without a helmet and he says no!
    She asks, bina helmet ke motorcycle chalayi thi and he says no again and she asks, kahin khel khel mein Om ne aapke sarr pe danda to nahi maar diya tha and he touches his  head to check!
    She keeps saying, kahin dimagi bukhar to nahi ho gaya tha, kahin chaatt (terrace) se sarr ke bal to nahi gir gaye the aap?
    Kuch na kuch to hua hi ho ga warna aise hi kisi ka dimag kharab nahi ho sakta!

    Shivay tries to speak, Mera Dimag and Anika cuts him off saying, ek dumm kharab hai 
    Anika says, something is wrong with ur mind that is why you take decisions of others' lives so easily!
    Others discuss before taking  decisions in life but aap to bina break ke truck ke tarah kisi ki life pe chadh jate hain bass!!

    Shivay keeps hearing and she says, raita phailane ke pehle soch to lete lekin nahi, aap to SSO hain, SSO giri wo aap kaise chodenge?

    Shivay asks wats this SSO giri just stop and she says, I am not done yet, wen you do somthing why don't u tell me, if u tell me will ur height lessen and Shivay folds his hands in anger hearing that

    He asks her wats the matter and she says, wat about the school I got Sahil admitted in?

    He says, I got him out of there!

    She asks him if he got his name out of that school or not? and he says yes!
    She asks, after that you got him enrolled in the most expensive school in the city and you did not tell me?
    He says you already know it!

    She says, not through you,  through others!  This is ur SSOgiri!  Wen you do a good thing you do it like you rang a bell of someone's house and ran away after doing that

    Why do you hide after doing good for someone? Are u ashamed?  Shivay, I don't understand you!

    He asks her why is she overreacting?  Sahil's admission  is done that's it!

    Anika says, first thing is it was not necesary and secondly, the fee of that school is 50 Lacs, how will she repay back?
    He says , 30 Lacs of the house loan too rubbing his forehead and she says, yes that too.
    She asks him how will I return so much money to you, I will have to find another job!
    He asks her why does she need to do a job?

    She says, bcoz this job is over cz Shivay Singh Oberoi is married now and she realizes she is married to him and they both have an eye lock finally LOL

    he asks her, wat is her problem and she says, meri problem ye hai ke mujhe kull milake aapko and she starts counting on her finger looking at the top  and he asks her wat is she calculating and he gets a diary and asks her to use it handing it to her!

    She starts writing and again gets thinking and he says, ur Math is really bad, who teaches Math to Sahil and she says, who else will teach and he says, Main!

    She looks at him questioningly and he says, if he will study with u, he will fail, I will teach him okay!

    She says, there are so many zeroes in this figure it looks like an ATM line

    He says, if u keep adding it all ur life, u won't be able to return it and she says, are u challenging me, I will return all ur money with interest and  says, u calculate it urself and I will return this money!

    He says, fine try it and starts to leave and she stops him asking why did he do all 

    He stops and turns back and says, Sahil is a bright child and I want him to get all the opportunities to excel in life!
    She looks shocked and he says, if it was someone else instead of ur brother who was as  good, I would have done the same!

    She asks,  but u did this for my brother, so thank...he cuts her off in between and says, u don't need to say a thank yo okay coz I didn't do it for you!

    She asks him a little politely why is he doing this?  Sometimes he does good sometimes bad, again in few days he'll do something wrong, she says, kabhi mujhe phasa denge, kabhi bachayenge aur kuch samajh nahi ayega to mujhe pool mein daal denge, aap aise kyon hain?
    He looks away and she says,  sometimes I feel u want to say something to me, ur eyes are accusing me for something but ur tongue is tied, I see hatred in ur Kanji eyes for myself but I don't know the reason for this hatred ,  please tell me what  is the reason?

    He asks her if she really doesn't know the reason and she says no and he says, good for you!

    He starts to  leave and she stops him running after him asking, today u will have to tell me, from some days u have been behaving as if I betrayed you of something big and he says, yes you betrayed me...You...and he recalls all  of the things Daksh told him about Anika and the night they spent together and he looks angrily towards her!

    He says, you've wronged me and she asks, when, how?

    he says I don't have time to talk to you and leaves!
    Anika mumbles, ye aadmi hai ya paheli
    Precap:   AniOmRu in action at the resort...they walk looking around for Tia and DushTia are shown playing with water in the pool!

    All three reach by the pool and keep looking around for Tia wen they see something and get shocked!