• Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 Written update 

    Title:  Shivay, Rudra and Om Reunite!
    Sneak Peek: Anika near dining table,  infront of OmRu Dadi, Jhanvi and Pinky says, However much I have known Shivay, Understood him, there's guarantee about one thing that for him, no one more than this family and both of you, matters to him!  OmRu get thinking and Anika says, wen  it comes to his brothers, right or wrong doesn't matter to him then why this family is being wrong to him!

    Episode starts with Shakti screaming at Shivay saying we never thought humara itna honhar beta Shivay Singh Oberoi ye harkat karega...is harkat ke baad tune hum sab ke sarr sharm se jhuka diye hain!  Apni is harkat ki wajah se tu aaj apne baap se nazar tak nahi mila  pa raha hai, he says, holding Shivay's arm and shaking him while Shivay doesn't look into his eyes in shame!
    Shakti leaves in anger and Tej comes to Shivay!
    Tej:   Wow!  Wow Shivay Singh Oberoi Wow!  How much is left for me to learn from you...you played with a child's life and used a girl's emotions,  only and only to keep Oberoi Empire as it is...Tej Singh Oberoi would have never done such an act, disgusting!   And he leaves!

    Jhanvi comes and says, Shame on you...and leaves !

    Rudra comes and cries:    I used to tell everyone,  everyone of them...that u r my superhero...why did you become the villain..?   I always thought that u can make everything alright, you can mend everything,  but today u broke everything, our faith, our hearts, u broke everythiing!  Om cries too but doesn't look towards Shivay!
    Rudra continues ,till yesterday, wenever I used to fear, I used to assure myself that ur elder brother, ur Shivay is with you, but today m scared of you Bhaiya!

    Om comes and says, I told u Shivay, I told you not to do any such thing that  u lose your respect in our eyes!  There was a time wen I was proud that you are my brother, but today I am ashamed of calling you my brother!

    Shivay cries in guilt looking into Om's eyes and Om has tears of anger and disappointment...he angrily says, you have fallen so low Shivay that I could never even think of!

    Shivay says, Om I can explain but he screams, Don't!  Just Don't!

    Wat you did can't be justified even by God!  So Don't!

    Om holds a crying Rudra's hand and takes him along and Shivay stands all alone...with his head bent down...recalling Sahil's words...Dadi's words...Pinky's disappointment...Anika waches him from a distance!
    Shivay stands crying and recalls watever Shakti and Tej said...he stands lifeless...and Anika leaves he place too seeing him cry like this!
    Lights of the Mansion go off!
    Anika goes to Sahil and consoles him,...he says, its all bcz of me that u had to bear so much and marry him!  He says, I am not even ur real brother even then u did so much for me and Anika immediately says, ek raapta lagaungi, bohot bada ho gaya hai tu!    Sahil cries and she asks him not to talk like this ever again otherwise she will never make Aaloo Poori for him again!

    She says, u r my everything, my family, my friend and my brother...she says, we elders many times make mistakes in trying to act intelligent...everyone makes mistakes, u also make them and ur teacher reprimands you...Sahil says, my teacher hits me so even Bagad Billa had to get it...Anika smiles and says, u r mad...she says, tomorrow is ur Boarding school's first day so u take rest and she takes him!

    OmRu sit by the poolside and Om tells Rudra that I am still unable to believe that Shivay can fall so low!

    Rudra says, he doesn't even realize his mistake yet O!   He did very wrong with Anika Bhabhi, infact, he has been wrong with her since the start!   Rudra asks Om, wen did Shivay Bhaiya change so much and Om says, I don't know!

    Shivay comes there and says,  O, Rudra, I want to talk to you both but they both stand and give him disappointed looks and walk away!   Shivay watches hem go with tear filled eyes!
    Shivay takes back steps and sits near the pool... a new version of Labzon mein plays, a sad one...Hume Chod ke tum kahan, khafa ho ke gum ho gaye ho...!!!
    Shivay sits alone and Anika watches him from a distance,  from the room...tears flow through Shivay's eyes and he wipes them!   Anika gets disheartened to see him like this and the music is heartbreaking   :((
    Dadi Pinky Jhanvi and Anika present near dining table and Dadi asks Jhannvi to call OmShivRu!   Omru come there and sit...Pinky asks Anika wat is she doing and Anika says, m having water!

    Pinky says, I know but why are u having water at dinner time, will you fill ur stomach by just having water?  She asks her to sit and have food!

    Pinky:  I told you a lot, it was Shivay's mistake for which I punished you!  Just sit now and have food and Anika smiles...she was about to sit wen Shivay comes there and was about to sit on the empty chair between OmRu wen they both get up and start o leave!

    Dadi asks them where are they going leaving the food and Om says, we cannot eat ...he asks Jhanvi to send their food in the room!   Shivay says, its not needed, you both have problem with me  so I shall only leave and  he leaves!
    Dadi gets up disheartened and says, jinko saaath khate dekhkar sabki bhukh badh jati thi aaj wo alag khane ki baat kar rahe hain and OmRu start to leave too!

    Anika stops OmRu by saying, I understand u both are angry with Shivay but ye bhi koi areeka hai apne bade bhai ko tadi maarne ka?
    Anika says, I m not sure if I should be the one saying anything but seeing all this, I can't stay mum!
    Watever I have seen of Shivay, known him and understood him, there's guarantee about one thing that for him, more than this family and both of you nothing else matters!  Watever he does, right wrong, good or bad,  is for all of you!
    She tells OmRu rum dono ke liye toh wo poori duniya mein raita phaila sakte hain aur tum dono unse baat nahi kar rahe, unki taraf dekh bhi nahi rahe, tum dono unke bhai nahi unki taqat ho aur agar taqat saath na ho toh insaan kamzor pad jata hai aur kamzor insaan ko toot-te der nahi lagti!

    Till today, watever u both did, he was always with you guys, standing with you  and he never said that Om you are wrong  or that Rudra you are not right and I cannot help you, wenever its about his brothers,  nothing else matters to him, I have seen that!
    Om do you remember that chip incident, wen he came to know about that, he never even heard me, he directly sent me behind the bars, for whom?  For you!   And Rudra, you are like his kid...wen you were hit by thr bullet, wen Gayatri Shot you, he had threatened to kill her...even police was after him...for who?  For you!

    till date, wenever any problem came on this house, this family Shivay protected everyone like a shield!  Pinky cried hearing all this!
    Anika says,  watever wrong he might have done with the world, he never did anything wrong with this family and never let anyone else do anything wrong with you all then why is this family being wrong to him?

    Om says, Anika he did wrong with you!

    Anika says, Om, its between me and him, wrong or right but its with me, I should be the one complaining and I do have complaints and they will stay but its our own matter and we will sort it out!
    Anika tells Om, even if we are unable to sort out our matters, dekha jayega...but why are u guys punishing him for all this wen whatever he actually did was for this family, for all you people!  
    Pinky keeps hearing Anika intently with tear filled eyes and Dadi has tears of Proud in her eyes!

    Anika says, he did not want this family to face any kinda humiliation and  that is why watever he felt right at that moment, he did that!   And  somewhere, you all should thank him and not leave him alone and separate him from the family like this!
    OmRu get thinking and Anika wipes her tears and leaves!   
    Everyone cries at the dining table and Shivay heard this all from behind the wall...a new realizations dawns upon him!

    Shivay in his room walks and recalls every word of Anika...he looks towards the door where OmRu stand...they both come to him and Shivay starts to leave wen Rudra stands infront of him...he tries to leave from other side and Om stands in front of him!

    Rudra:  Bhaiya!   Shivay says, I am fine and Rudra hugs him and cries saying sorry!

    Shivay says, why are u saying sorry, I have done a mistake and Rudra says, no Bhaiya, I have hurt you a a lot! Please forgive me and Om comes too and says, watever you did Shivay was wrong but watever we did,  was not right as well!

    Om:  Bhai se dosti achchi hoti hai, bhai se dushmani dil ko chubhti hai lekin, bhai ko paraya karna dil tod deta hai Shivay !   And by not talking to you, by ignoring you we made you feel like a stranger and for that we are really sorry Shivay! Really Sorry Shivay!
    Shivay starts to leave again and walks away but Rudra cries and says:  Bhaiya, aise nahi hota hai...main jab  ro raha hota hu tab aap mujhe kabhi akela chodkar nahi jaate  ho!  Sab mujhe rondu bolte hain, sabko ye lagta hai main har waqt rota rehta hu bu kisi ko ye nahi pata main kyon rota hu, main isliye rota hu Bhaiya  kyonki main chahta hu mere Shivay Bhaiya mujhe aake manaye!

    He spreads his arms wide open and crying says, I am crying bhaiya, please come and cheer me up!

    Shivay turns and looks towards OmRu with hopeful and happy eyes and all three spread their arms wide open and Lafzon ka music plays!
    OmRu run and Shivay hugs them both...!  <3

    Shivay tells Om:  Everyone makes mistakes, even I made a mistake...and its not that I will not make any mistake in future, I will make mistakes, but if I do, please fight with me,  tell me, hit me...he fumbles and says,  but please don't make me feel like a stranger again!

    We always say, ek dusre ke zaruri hisse hain hum, Om says, ek kahani ke teen hisse!

    Shivay says, i can see everything  except tears in you both's eyes and hatred for me in ur eyes!  I can't see!

    Rudra says,  Bhaiya please promise us that you will not handle all the pressure alone and share everything with us from now on!
    Om says, yes Shivay, now no more secrets, we cannot break this rule of ours,  Rudra asks which rule and Om extends his palm and says, One for all...Shivay also puts his hand on his hand and Rudra too, and all three together say, All for One!  

    Labzon ka plays!

    All three side hug again and smile happily!

    Precap:   Rudra asks Anika:  C'mon Bhabhi, come fast otherwise Obros ka moment nikal jayega and he drags Anika along in the room where Shivay and Om stand, and Om says, Anika thank you for making us three unite again!  He says, waise Obros moment mein aur kisi ke liye jagah nahi hai but you are more then welcome Mrs. Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi!

    Shivika look towards each other and OmRu smile...Anika says, aap teeno ek saath bohot achche lagte ho, ye kitni bhi tadi kyon na maare, kabhi inka saath mat chodna and Rudra says, aur Bhabhi aap bhi hamare saath hi rehna and the FOURSOME do a Dil Bole Oberoi gesture together!