• Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 Written update

    Episode starts with whole family gathered in hall and OmRu discuss about how Shivay would talk to Sahil since he doesn't know how to talk to kids
    Rudra says, he will talk about business as he used to show me news in Childhood instead of cartoons!

    Shivay and Sahil in meeting room and Shivay asks him if he liked the deal in his tashan looks!

    Sahil gives equal tashan and and asks him, wat does he think, he will agree with a few chocolates, toys and shakes?  His work would be done just in this much?
    Sahil says, more than this we give to our class monitor to save themselves from teacher's wrath

    Shivay asks him wat does he want?

    Sahil asks, wat all can u give me?

    Shivay says, there are many facilities in my house!

    Sahil says, I have heard aap khana achcha bana lete hain,...Shivay says, cooking is the word!
    Sahil says, okay fine, u wil make Desi Ghee ke Chowmein for me every Sunday!

    Shivay gets amused and asks him, if both  the brother sister are mad as he doesn't unerstand this Desi Ghee stuff!

    Sahil says, okay fine if u cannot do wat a Chandu Halwai in our street can do then fine and he starts to leave but Shivay agrees and stops him 

    Shivay says, this deal is done and starts to get up wen Sahil says, one minute...Shivay asks wat else do u want?

    Sahil says, aap tadi kam maroge!

    Shivay asks wat and Sahil gestures through his hand to lower down and says,...tadi kammm

    Shivay says okay wat next?
    Sahil:  U will not scare me with ur Kanji eyes and most importantly...u will not annoy my Anika Didi and make her cry...u will not do anything that hurts my Anika Didi as I cannot see my Anika Didi crying and Shivay immediately, unconsciously blurts out, Main bhi nahi!

    Sahil asks him then why do u make her cry?

    Shivay gets defensive and says, ur sister is no less! She is  Ur Didi that  is why u don't see her faults but she...she is very... 

    Sahil shows him his hand  asking him to stop  and Shivay goes mute

    Sahil says, let her do watever she wants, its her life!  U will respect her 

    Shivay says, u r a kid, talk like a kid okay!

    Sahil:  bachcha hu isiliye to aap bache hue ho  Warna koi meri Anika didi ko rulaye aur main dekhta rahu, ho hi nahi sakta!
    Jo hua wo hua,  dobara aapki wajah se meri Anika Didi ki aankhon mein itna sa bhi aansu aya to main bhool jaunga ke main bachcha hu!

    Shivay bends forward and says, dikhne mein bachche ho but baaton mein sabke Baap ho tum 

    Sahil says, u r also big in age, in ur harkatein, u r younger than a kid

    Shivay says pointing a finger, Mind ur language, I am elder to u Sahil!
    Sahil says, bada hone se kya hota hai, bada ban ke dikhao and he shows the action with his hand  and repeats...bada
    Outside everyone worries why these 2 are taking so much time and a nervous Anika asks Dadi that she will go and check inside...just wen she turns she finds them both walking inside and she tells Shivay, I told u Sahil won't agree and she asks Sahil to come with her!
    Shivay announces, Sahil won't go anywhere and Rudra opens his wide arms and says, finally there is someone younger to me in this house, now I feel bada bada...Sahil aaja...mere gang mein and Shivay mumbles...chota nahi hai ye sabka baap hai ye

    Sahil walks up to  Rudra and Anika looks confused!

    She looks angrily towards Shivay and he leaves!

    Rudra asks Sahil to stay in his room but he realizes, his room has been taken by Soumya and Om says, no worries, until ur room gets ready, u both can stay in my room  and Sahil agrees !

    He flirts with Soumya and Rudra asks, why will u only talk to Sumo?

    Sahil screams at him not to spoil her name, her name is Soumya not Sumo!
    Sahil calls her Soumya lovingly and she waves back!
    Rudra walks into his room laughing  and says, Sahil is so funny, he told me I will check ur GK but I also told him...jab dil hi toot gaya to G K kya karenge and he laughs but Om doesn't respond and is lost in his thoughts!

    Rudra asks him why is he so quiet and he says, I am looking for the answer to ur question to which Rudra says, I didn't ask anything yet!

    Om says, u did...u asked Shivay a question that he hasn't answered yet!

    Rudra asks which question and Om says, that why did Anika marry?
    Shivay was helpless, but wat was Anika's helplessness?

    Om says, we need to find the answer, if Anika was really majboor or she was made one !

    Rudra suggests to ask Shivay Bhaiya directly but Om asks him, do u think he will tell us?

    Om gets thinking and says, why do I feel Rudra that the answer is somewhere around us but we are missing?
    Anika walks in Shivay's room and bumps into Shivay...he tells her that he wants to talk to her!
    She looks not interested and he says, its about Sahil...he fumbles...and says...woh...Sahil...Sahil ke baare mein mujhe idea nahi tha!

    Anika asks, wat kind of idea?

    Shivay:  About Sahil's condition...he again fumbles and repeats...he says, he is physically challenged...I didn't know...had I known...

    Anika asks...toh?  pata hota toh aap Sahil ki life khatre mein daalke mujhe shadi ke liye majboor nahi karte?

    I kept telling u not to being Sahil between us and not to trouble him...but nahi,,...aapke sar pe toh bhoot sawar tha,...aur ab aap keh rahe hain mujhe pata hota  toh?  Kyon, aapke chele chapaaton ne aapko nahi bataya?

    Shivay feels sorry and says, Anika I really didn't know about this, I am saying the truth and Anika says,  kamaal hai, waise to Shivay Singh Oberoi ko sab kuch pata hota hai, wo bhi jo duniya ko pata na ho fir ye kaise nahi pata tha?

    Shivay screams asks  her to stop the blame game as he is genuinely trying to talk to her !

    Anika says, Oh so u r trying to pity my brother?  She says, remember one thing, neither me nor my brother needs ur sympathy n pity!
    Shivay asks Anika to stop assuming things and she says, I get it now, u r feeling bad right, not about wat u did, but cz u realize that u made someone who  cannot even walk, a pawn in ur game?
    Shivay looks guilty and lowers his gaze!

    Anika says, that is why u allowed Sahil to stay in this house...Shivay looks down and she comes close to him and asks him to remember one thing that even if he convinced Sahil to stay in this house somehow, he is not a normal kid, he is very emotional, and regarding her, he is very much emotional...hai piddi sa lekin khud ko mera bada bhai samajhta hai!
    Shivay still looks down and she says, watever u did, I tolerated all that but if u do anything with him, trouble him or use him in any of ur games, By God ki Kasam!  Itna Raita phailaungi ki aap samet-te samet-te apni ppori tadi bhool jayenge...she says all this looking into his eyes and  he looks affected finally!

    Prinku comes running in the house recalling watever ACP said and watever she saw...ACO made her sit on a swinging chair and she pleaded to him crying that he cannot do anything like this with her as she has 3 brothers and ACP told her that her brothers are elder to her...but they are not bigger than the law!

    He told her that if I reopen this case, anyone of u or ur brother Omkara, might go to jail I don't care but I will file one such solid case  (aisa case thokunga)    that u will rot al ur life in jail!

    He asked her to decide, whether she would want to go to jail or send her brother or marry him?

    Prinku hides behind a wall in the house with her tear filled face and sits there crying, thinking wat to do and whom to ask for help!
    Rudra asks Om, how will they find out?

    Om says, there is one way...he makes a call!

    Shivay in the room tells Anika that just like her brother is important to her, same way his brothers are important to him and she says, I know that!

    He says, u should also know that watever happened between us, in watever conditions we had to marry...she says not us, just me, I was forced to marry and he says, yeah watever it is, u should not tell all this to my brothers even if they ask for all this!

    She asks him if he is requesting her or threatening her as he should ideally be requesting...she says, I forgot, u have not learnt to make a request and he raises his voice asking her not to argue but do as he says!

    She asks him, wat otherwise?  U will do some other stunt to force me?  Anyway, why are u so scared?  Whatever u did was for saving the honor of ur family and their name right, so even if ur brothers come to know, why are u having so much Michmichi thinking about all  this?  They should also know that how chota is their bada bhai! 
    Duniya ki nazar mein uncha uthne ke liye kis hudd tak neeche gir sakta hai!
    Shivay screams at her asking her to Shut up and holds her hand, asks her not to say a word to OmRu and threatens her just wen Om walks in asking wat will she not tell us?
    Shivay asks them wat are they both doing here and Om says, I need to ask something to Anika!
    He asks her why did she go ahead with this wedding and Rudra says, haan bhabhi, hum ye jaanna chahte hain ke aap ye zabardasti ki shaadi ke liye kaise maani?

    Shivay asks wat do they mean?

    Om asks Anika if Shivay forced her?  Shivika look towards each other and Om asks her if Shivay used any of her weakness to make her agree to which Shivay questions why is he saying all this as it doesn't make sense?

    Rudra says, kamzori, bhabhi ki kamzori to unka bhai hai na, to kahi Bhaiya ne Sahil ko ...Shivika look towards each other nervous and Rudra asks her if his Bhaiya blackmailed her and Anika after a long pause says, No...No, where does Sahil come in between all this...she gathers all her courage and says, nothing like this happened and Shivay looks touched!
    Om asks, Really?   Anika says, yeah, I mean watever he said (Shivay)  same happened...Tia ran away and  if there was no one to sit as bride, ur family name would have been ruined and so, Shivay requested me and  I sat in the Mandap!   Shivay looks so moved and keeps staring her...Khoya Khoya male plays and he makes a puppy face and Anika also looks towards him!

    Om asks, request, that too Shivay?

    Anika fumbles and says,yeah, really, this happened!

    Shivika again look towards each other and Om whos angry says, kya baat hai, Shadi ko do din nahi hue aur pati patni ek dusre ki galatiyan bhi chupane lag gaye!   He asks her why is she doing all this, has Shivay again forced her to lie?  

    Shivay asks Om wats wrong with him as he is not making sense and Om shows him his hand asking him to stop and says,.  Jhooth ke pair nahi hote Shivay, ladkhada hi jata hai!

    Om comes near Shivay and holds his hand, asks him to come and Shivay asks where?   Om says, I will show you and Rudra also takes Anika along!
    Whole family gathers in the hall and Dadi asks Om why did he ask them all to gather here?

    Om asks Rudra to play the video and the video shows how Shivay pushed Anika on the bed on the wedding day and watever he said to her to make her agree for the wedding Shocked

    Whole family watches it with their mouths wide open and Sahil gets the most shocked and angry...he looks disgusted!

    Anika looks nervous and Shivay EXPOSED !

    Next thing the video shows is the Car blast and everyone gets appalled!

    Shivay looks ashamed and looks away, Dadi cries and looks questioningly towards Shivay and Sahil looks super angry and stares Shivay!

    He comes near Shivay and screams...Why...why did he make his Anika Didi cry?  He starts beating Shivay with his crutch standing on one leg and asks Shivay why did he forcefully marry his Anik Didi?

    Shivay stands like a statue not reacting a bit,.,...Tej Shakti all look angry while OmRu have tears in their eyes...!!

    Anika comes and finally holds the cructch stopping Sahil, she has tears in her eyes and looks towards Shivay, O Jaana female plays!

    She sits down and tells Sahil to not do this...Sahil cries and asks her why is she still on his side wen he troubles her so much and Rudra cries seeing all this!
    Sahil says, ur SSO is very bad,very bad!

    Anika explains him that no one is bad, only circumstances are bad and asks him to come inside as he is still very young!

    She takes him inside and Shivay stands speechless...Dadi walks away in anger and Shivay stops her saying Dadi!

    She asks him not to call ehr Dadi anymore,...and saya, I am ashamed that you are my grand son!
    She leaves in anger and Shivay is unable to face anyone!
    Pinky comes near him and shakes him...she cries and asks him...tu to mera Shivay hai na...mera bachcha...She cries badly and says...Shivay...khandaan, khoon,izzat, in sab ki baatein karta tha na tu?  Tu kab itna neeche gir gaya Shivay, itni neechi harkat kari tune?

    Om looks towards them with tears of disappointment and Pinky says, mera apna sikka khota tha aur main us bachchi ko, us ladki  ko kosti rahi...she cries and asks him, kya kya bol diya maine use Shivay,...aur tu...tune kuch bhi nahi kaha?   Usne ek bar palat ke nahi bola Aunty Ji aapke bete ne galat kaam kiya...she cries and again says, ek baar bhi nahi...she keeps a finger at Shivay and says,  tune to mera guroor tod diya Shivay!

    Shivay was about to speak but she puts her hand on his mouth and says, Chup!   She taps his chest and leaves crying!

    Precap:   OmRu sit by the poolside where Shivay comes ...he tries to speak but both leave from there and he looks on!

    Shivay sits in his room wiping his tears and Anika looks from a distance!