• Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written update 
    Title:  Shivay's Gift To Anika!
    Sneak Peek: Anika walks out of the Mansion with Sahil...Shivay calls her name and asks her where is she going? Anika says Ghar...he asks Kiska and she says Mera!

    Shivay informs her that the house she thinks as her own now belongs to him and he is the owner!
    He says, jiske paise usi ka ghar that  is why I sold that property, that house!
    Anika gets stunned at the revelation!
    Episode starts with Tia entering the hall  in a white gown where whole family stands for Anika's Pag Phera ritual and she comes n greets Pinky by kissing on her cheeks
    OmRu get shocked seeing her all ready
    Rudra says, fir se aa gayi, kitni dheet janaani hai ye

    Om asks her why do you say that? R u Rudra or u have become Dadi and he explains that Dadi says, Dheet Janaani means Dheet Aurat jo ye hai

    Om asks him if he has a new Punjabi gf !

    Shivika get down the stairs together and Dadi praises her beauty!

    Jhanvi asks Dadi that husband has to give a gift to his wife before this ritual right and  Dadi asks Billu to give a gift to Anika!

    Tia interrupts saying from gift I remember, Shivay Baby u were supposed to give me a surprise today right, so where is my gift?

    Shivay says, Anika's gift is ready and Anika looks already surprised hearing that!

    A servant comes with a box handing it to Shivay...Dadi gets happy seeing it and Shivay hands it over to Anika!

    Pinky looks angry at that turns her face but Dadi asks Anika to accept the gift and she does hesitantly!  OmRu also get happy and Anika thanks Shivay to which Shivay asks her to first check the gift!
    Dadi gets more excited and asks Anika to open the gift!
    Anika opens the box and is shocked to see the contents of the box and with tears in her eyes, she reads!
    She looks questioningly towards Shivay and Dadi keeps asking wat is it?  Om comes and takes it from Anika's hand and reads it...Rudra reads too and both look in shock and Om asks Shivay...Divorce Papers?

    Whole family gets shocked and Tia happy!Sleepy

    Shivay says, my gift, for Anika with his hands folded and not looking towards anyone!

    Pinky also smiles at this and Tia comes running hugs Shivay and holds his arm as usual and says, I can't tell u how happy I am at this gift of urs!  She says, I love it and u made my day

    Tia snatches the papers from Om's hand and Om looks super angry already

    Tia goes to Anika handing her the papers and asks her to sign and go home without thinking about it She says, wat a good timing, u were already going home, but now u r going home for forever!

    Shivay looks towards Anika at this and Tia says, now u will never come back, perfect right?  C'mon sign the papers!

    She screams for a pen and looks super excited wen Soumya comes there and says, look whos here for ur Pag Phera...surprise...Sahil enters on his crutches and Shivay looks shattered at seeing him like this...his eyes remain wide open and tears in his eyes!
    Sahil falls while coming in and Anika runs towards him screaming his name and picks him up...Shivay was about to run but stops himself!

    Shivay recalls his first meeting with Sahil  and how he called him Apahij!
    The second meeting and how he called him badtameez coz he didn't come to accept the gift by walking up to him!

    He looks ashamed!

    Anika cries ruffling Sahil's hair and asks him if he is fine and that he never is careful while walking!
    She crying asks him if he is not hurt and he says, wat r u doing Anika Didi...she hands him over his crutch and also looks towards Shivay once who also is teary eyed,...!

    Shivay looks down in shame and Sahil says, m a big boy now Anika Didi!

    Sahil wishes a Hello to Om and  Ru and they both come smiling to him and sit on the floor near Anika!

    Om asks him how does he know he is Om and he is Rudra?  Sahil says, aapke bade baalon se aur aapke bade dolon se looking towards Om and Ru one by one

    Rudra says, I knew Anika Didi would have told u everything about us and he says, yes...looks angrily towards Shivay and says, I know everything about everyon LOL    Shivay looks guilty and turns away and leaves the place!
    Shivay goes to his room and walks aimlessly...again recalls his meetings with Sahil and says...ye maine kya kar diya...Sahil to...!!    He fumbles and quickly makes a call  asking Khanna if Anika's brother was ever hurt during the time he picked him up on his marriage day?   Did u hurt him?  Did u or not?

    Khanna says, ANika ka bhai, kaun wo langda?  
    Shivay gets super angry and asks him to mind his language  and says, take his name, his name his Sahil!
    Shivay again asks if u ever hurt him?
    Khanna says, no Sir we just picked him up, made him sit in the car,  roamed around a little and dropped him back!

    Shivay disconnects the call and says, galati to mujhse hui hai aur wo bhi bohot badi, wo bachcha to pehle se hi ...use maine kya kya nahi kaha...aisa kaise kar sakta hu main...he walks and saya, how would I ever face him now?   Sahil ko...Anika ko...mujhe kya ho gaya hai and he sobs!

    He punches the wall and screams...Shivay wat did u do?

    Prinku goes to ACP's house and he asks her the reason of coming?
    She says, I have got some herbal medicines for ur sister and he welcomes her inside!
    ACP asks her for tea and she asks him for his sister and he shows her the room!  She goes to meet his sister and on the way, watches a wall full of frames having pics of ACP and his sister as kids!

    She watches them and gets emotional and goes to his sister's room...finds her on the bed and she is shocked to find her unconscious, under treatment and so many machines in her room!

    Prinku gets scared to see her like that and recalls how she was alright wen she saw her last time!

    She recalls how ACP told her she is free of guilt from now but that girl was someone else...this new girl has a birthmark on her right arm which Prinku saw in the pics outside the room on the kid's hand too!

    She runs and bumps into ACP who stands in another mode now!  He asks her wat happened and she says, she is someone else, that girl was alright the other day...is she ur sister?

    ACP says, u r right, that was some one else, she is my sister who is in coma from last 2 years and u are responsible for her condition Ms. Priyanka Singh Oberoi and Prinku gets scared and runs away and ACP smirks again !
    Shivay stands by the window of his wall all lost wen Dadi comes there and informs him that Anika is leaving and if she goes away this time, she won't ever be back!
    She holds his arm and shakes him asking her to stop him but Shivay stands like a statue with his eyes wide open!
    Dadi keeps pleading wen OmRu also come there...Om doesn't look towards Shivay and says, u made a relation forcefully, with ANika...but even before that, there was something between u 2...a connection, a relation that happened on its own and it won't break with these piece of papers!

    Just once Shivay, for once, don't think like the Shivay Singh Oberoi of this uncha khandaan, be that Shivay jise Anika ki baaton se Farq padta tha!

    Shivay looks affected and Rudra comes there, holding his arms pleads,  Bhaiya, please stop Bhabhi...don't u care she is leaving this house?    Bhaiya I love you a lot...but watever u did with ANika didi was wrong and u always gave watever I asked from you, please give me this one last thing and Rudra cries resting his head on Shivay's shoulder and keeps pleading!

    Dadi also again asks him to stop her and so does Om!
    Shivay gets thinking finally!
    Prinku runs in ACP's house towards the door but he comes in the way and stops her, pins her to the wall and asks her, what happened, she is unable to face the truth or what?   He says, u cannot even see my sister in this condition for once, have u thought about me, I see my sister like a dead person all day and night...Prinku cries and asks him that he told her his sister is alright and tries to move but he again holds her and pins her back to the wall saying I lied to you, u know why,  it was my Plan!    I wanted u to come close to me, trust on me, love me...so that we  both can marry!
    He comes close to Prinku and she cries...Ouch

    Anika starts to leave and before leaving, meets the family  (Jhanvi, Pinky, Soumya)   and says, all of u loved me a lot, gave me a lot of respect...now even I can say, even if for few days, I had a family too!

    Jhanvi has tears in her eyes and Anika says, for me, u people are my only family and Pinky also loooks a bit moved but doesn't react!

    Anika folds her hands and says sorry if you people had any problem coz of me or if I ever hurt you and Pinky looks towards her finally wen she says I am sorry...Tia frets in anger saying ANika's farewell speech just doesn't endSleepy

    Tia gets a call and leaves the place...Anika goes to Soumya and hugs her and takes Sahil asking him to leave with her!

    Prinku asks ACP wat does he mean and he says, watever u did with me n my sister, for that I will punish you and not the law!
    He comes closer and says, tumhe zindagi bhar tadpa tadpa kar!

    Prinku cries and again tries to leave but he again pulls her back and tucks both her hand on the wall and says, tumse shadi karke...rishte sirf mohabbaton se nahio judte, nafraton se bhi rishte judte hain Priyanka...she pleads him to let her go and he says, I will marry you to keep this hatred alive!

    Anika was leaving wen Dadi stops her...Anika cries and Dadi comes near her asking her not to leave like this!
    Anika says, I had to leave someday...u treated me as ur own and loved me so much, thank u for all that and she cries, touches Dadi's feet and Dadi cries too blessing her for a long life and they both hug!

    Anika again starts to leave wen Shivay comes taking her name...he asks her where is she going but she doesn't turn back...he comes and stands infront of her with his back facing her and says, m talking to u...tell me where r u going and she says, Ghar!

    He asks whose house and she says, My house!

    Shivay says, tumhara to koi ghar hai hi nahi and she asks him wat does he mean?
    He says, the house u call ur own and where u live, is mine! I am the owner of that hoise and all including OmRu look in shock !

    He asks her why does she look so confused?  I bought that house you already know!

    Anika says, I gave money for that house, Shivay asks her where did that money come from? From Dadi right?  That means its my money and the house will obviously belong to the person the money belongs to!

    Anika has tears in her eyes hearing this and Dadi cries too!

    Anika asks him how can he do this wen she took a loan from Dadi and promised her that she will return it...she tells him he can ask Dadi and that she will return every single penny and he asks her , When?
    Shivay asks her if she will return the money in her next birth or next to next birth?
    Sahil looks angrily towards Shivay!

    Shivay says, Anika you also know its not ur cup of tea to return 30 Lacs and as  business, I need profits with investment recovery which expecting from you is foolishness hence I sold off that property!  Wo ghar bech diya!

    Anika and everyone gets super shocked hearing this and Shivay says, I got my investment and profits both back by doing this!
    Anika questions him how could he sell her house just like that and where will they both  go now, on the streets?

    Shivay says, I didn't say anything like this and she says, you have got us on the streets. Shivay tells her that she can stay here if she wants and OmRu and Dadi finally look moved!

    Shivay says, until divorce happens, u can stay here which is also ur right and its only fair that u stay here!

    Anika says, its not just about me but my brother too and Shivay says, even Sahil can stay here...mujhe koi farq nahi padta...Anika says lekin use padta hai...Shivay asks her to ask Sahil once as she didn't even ask him and she says, he is my brother and I know  he won't stay here, he won't agree!

    He asks wat if Sahil agrees and she says, its not possible...Shivay says, lets see!

    Shivay looks towards Sahil and he looks away in other direction
    Shivay:  Sahil
    Sahil:  Yes Mr. S S O!
    Shivay:  I need to make an important discussion with u, man to man!
    Sahil:   okay fine tell me!LOL

    Precap:   Shivay and Sahil sit around a round table in a room and he  asks Sahil wat does he want?
    Sahil says, you will make Desi Ghee ke Chowmein for me every Sunday!
    Shivay asks, wat else do u want?
    Sahil says, u will not annoy my Anika didi anymore coz I can't see my Anika didi crying and Shivay says, main bhi nahi

    Shivika in their room, Shivay asks Anika to shut up and tells her she will not say anything to OmRu and they both come there, Om asks, wat will she not tell us?