• Chandra Nandini 14th December 2016 – Full Episode

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    Chandra Nandini 14th December 2016 Written Episode

    The episode begins with Chandra taking to his mother that why she has called him and she said that u and Chaya should go to peeplivan as their grandfather had sent an invitation so u Nandini and Chaya should leave for peeplivan but Chandra says no as it was not the right time to go at peeplivan but acharya says that it is right time to go while Helena is in anger because all are after Nandini and are ignoring her. As rajmata accepts and that she will make the arrangements and when all leave Chandra tells to acharya that padmanand will come and attack but his weakness his daughter is still with us so don’t worry. On the other hand rajmata and durdhara plan to bring Chandra and Nandini close and take dadis help for this task. Durdhara tells Nandini about dadis bad health,and also asks Chandra
    to go to Nandini and tell her about being close to echo year for dadi.

    Nandini on being if romped about staying close to Chandra says I can’t stand you next to me,Chandra says how can you behave like this Nandini and dare you come close to me,Nandini says never and stay away from me,Chandra says good that will be very fine. Durdhara and helina in piplivan,durdhara says Chandra is so like his father,helina says you know Chandra very well durdhara says not like you anyways but how will you get hearts here,helina says what,durdhara says nothing and runsaway.

    Chandra and Nandini meet his dadi,dadi says Nandini you are so beautiful,and your name means happiness and you will give happiness to my Chandra,Chandra you are so talkative and Nandini a lady has to keep her family happy and she can do so only if she is happy and so tell me are you happy with Chandra tell me if he is not good with you,Nandini says not at all he looks after me very well,dadi says just like his father,I can see love for you in his eyes,like I saw love for mora in my sons eyes and mora come here we can’t change the past but we can forget it and move ahead now you are magads rajmata so cheer up and stay happy,mora says here is helina and durdhara Chandras wives,dadi asks are there more wives,everyone smiles,mora says here is Chaya and her husband Satyajit,Chandras uncle says we will celebrate Chayas wedding tomorrow,dadi says now go rest all must be tired and I have made arrangements,for everyone.

    Dadi says helina and durdhara will share rooms and Chandra and Nandini will share rooms,Nandini you are newly wedded and so you will stay with Chandra now go. Amartya tells padmanand about Chandra in piplivan and even Nandini there,padmanand says great now since they are out of magad we will take advantage,Amartya says but it’s fishy Nandini with them,looks like Chanakyas plot,padmanand says I don’t care I will save my daughter,maliketu says yes you are right we have to save Nandini.

    Nandini asleep with her books,Chandra walks close to her and sees the moon light disturbing her and closes the curtains,and about to remove the book from her, she wakes up and takes Chandra wrong and pushes him away and says how dare you what were you doing, Chandra says I was just removing the book and don’t you forget I don’t like you,Nandini says yeh care I enough in front of dadi but not here I’m not sleeping with you and picks up pillow and about to leave,dadi and mora walk in,and asks what’s wrong where are you going did Chandra do something wrong,Chandra says no dadi,she is just keeping thinks properly she is very particular about it,dadi says I’m here to tell you that you need to fulfill my wishes,you and Nandini have to go to the mandir up on the hills.

    Nandini says sure dadi,dadi says and Chandra you have to go barefoot and Nandini can’t keep her feet in ground and so you will have to carry her,Chandra says dadi but I can’t,dadi says why,Chandra says she keeps eating good know how heavy she is,dadi says stop it you are magads King and you dint want your dadi to fulfill her wishes,Chandra says ok dadi,dadi says May god bless you and leaves.

    Chandra and Chanakya is informed about padmanands plan,Chanakya says good we are as per our plans and I hope no one got to know about you,he says no acharya and leaves.

    Precap: durdhara says Chandar for dadi you have to carry Nandini and climb to mandir,Chandra says but Nandini.