• Bride Anika to be revealed; Tia's comeback to add drama in Ishqbaaaz

    Loyal viewers of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions Films) have just recently gone through the emotional roller coaster marriage of Shivaay – Anika (Nakuul Mehta – Surbhi Chandna)!!

    There was action, drama, kidnap and of course tears!!

    Now the drama will heighten post the wedding, and it will happen with the whole family getting to know of Anika being the legally wedded wife of Shivaay and not Tia (Navina Bole).

    Yes, the mooh dikhayi ritual will reveal the fact but Omkaara (Kunal Jaisingh) will play the master act in the revelation as he will be the first one to get to know of Anika marrying Shivaay.

    As per sources, “Post the wedding, Omkaara will be going through his camera-clicked pictures of the wedding, and he will be shocked to see Anika’s bangle in one of the photos. He will be shocked and will plan an earlier mooh dikhaayi with family.”

    This development will come all of a sudden for both Shivaay and Anika and they will be caught red-handed with Dadi removing the ghoonghat and seeing Anika as the bride!!

    OMG!! So what will the reaction be of all in the family?

    While all will be stunned, Shivaay will get yet another shocker news about Tia’s kidnap!!

    Yes folks, Tia will be back too to add more spice into the story!!

    Our source adds, “Tia and her mom will plan their next ploy to get back to the Oberoi house. They will create the situation of Tia’s kidnap being the reason why she was not present in the wedding.”

    Post this, Shivaay will bring back Tia after paying a ransom!!

    The whole family will now be in a dilemma about who actually is Shivaay’s bride.

    Meanwhile, Dadi will declare that Anika is the bahu of her house, and she will need to be gotten back from her house!!


    This seems to be a confusing tale...

    Will Tia get to know of Shivaay – Anika’s wedding? Will Shivaay abide to Dadi’s decision?

    We reached out to few actors part of the drama sequence, but they did not receive our calls.

    Watch this space for more updates.