• #200EpisodesOfKRPKAB: Top moments from Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi that WOWED us..!

    It is certainly a happy day for all the 'Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi' fans today. And why is that? The Sony TV popular show achieves the rare feat of completing 200 episodes today.
    Yes! That's right. A show that begun with a simple story and a mixed bag of star appeal and new face; it has managed to sustain all this time. The popularity and fanbase of the show is immense and one of the prime reasons of the same is the fantastic acting performances by Shaheer Sheikh, Erica Fernandes and Supriya Pilgaonkar among others.
    While today, the show completes 200 episodes, we list down the Top 10 moments over time that wowed and enthralled us.

    The Accident Scene of Sonakshi:

    When this scene was aired, things changed completely. Barely a couple of months into the show, it gave us one of the most tragic moments, where Sonakshi is hit by a car and Dev is shocked. The post-accident scenes were wrenching yet applaudable, where Shaheer's performance deserved a special mention.

    Sonakshi's realisation of Love for Dev:

    Immediately following the accident was the immense care Dev showed to Sonakshi. And, this is when feelings started blossoming for Sonakshi and those were certainly amongst the most endearing scenes, where she struggled to hide those feelings.

    Dev's realisation of LOVE and PROPOSAL to Sonakshi:

    Amongst one of the best scenes of the show, Dev, after realising his love for Sonakshi and breaking up with Natasha (Roop Durgapal), decided to confess his love to her. And what followed was one of the most novel and amazing way of a proposal and a beautiful hug.

    Dev breaking up with Sonakshi, post Ishwari's suicide drama:

    After some good and romantic times for the in-love couple, what followed was a heartbreaking break-up scene, where Dev slams at Sonakshi and breaks-up with her, thus making Ishwari's suicide drama a success.

    Dev's jealousy drama over Ritwick (Jay Soni) and Sonakshi's alliance:

    Though Ishwari's plans of parting Dev and Sonakshi was a success, Dev was heartbroken and devastated. And the entry of Ritwick in Sonakshi's life and the closeness got Dev furious and immensely jealous.

    The Heartbreaking Vows being taken after Dev gets drunk and barges Ritwick-Sonakshi's date:

    Dev's jealousy went out of bounds when he barged in Ritwick and Sonakshi's date and there was a confrontation amongst the trio. However, hurt and down, Dev got drunk and with no sanity, he went into his office. A concerned secretary called Sonakshi and what followed was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show. The vows taken by Sonakshi to never meet each other and talk with each other were hurting and Dev agreeing to it made it even more pinching.

    Dev's drinking drama at Ritwick-Sonakshi's engagement where Sonakshi leaves the engagement for Dev:

    This mahapepisode was absolutely a Shaheer Sheikh show. Coming in Ritwick-Sonakshi's engagement with bravura, he kept dying inside every time he would watch Ritwick and Sonakshi together. Getting drunk, Dev went crazy and losing balance fell. Witnessing this, Sonakshi, who was just about to put the ring in Ritwick's hand, rushes to her actual love and takes care of him, getting him home. 

    The reunion of Dev and Sonakshi:

    Post several drama, which included the annulment of the engagement of Ritwick and Sonakshi; and Ishwari begging Sonakshi to come back to his son's life, the reunion of Dev and Sonakshi was much awaited. And it finally happened with a tight running hug thus getting the viewers, what they wanted.

    Dev being informed of Sonakshi not being able conceive and his decision to hide it:

    Though happy times were back in Dev and Sonakshi's life, it seemed that their relationship can never sustain without blocks. Amidst getting ready to get married, Dev is informed by the doctor that Sonakshi's chances of conceiving are a mere 5% and there are chances that Sonakshi may never become a mother. Dev bears this shock himself and chooses not to tell this to Ishwari or Sonakshi as it would affect the marriage.

    The much awaited marriage of Dev and Sonakshi:

    D-Day had arrived. The much-waited Dev and Sonakshi marital union was finally happening. Another MahaEpisode, the marriage was an absolute masala entertainer. From the objections about rituals between cross cultural families to Ishwari refuting from eating food and etc, the wedding was an eventful one. 
    And a BONUS one-
    The Romantic Night of Dev and Sonakshi:

    Though the marriage finally happened, the viewers were waiting to see romantic moments between the couple. However, amidst all the post-marraige rituals, Ishwari's tactics and Neha's separation from her husband, Ranveer, nothing was working out for the couple. They even had to cancel their honeymoon owing the Ishwari's fake drama of getting ill. But, love finds its way, doesn't it? In the most romantic ways, Dev and Sonakshi spent a beautiful evening together away from the house and had some romantic moments together.

    While there have been more fantastic moments, these 11 moments make it to the toplist. Which one has been your favourite? Leave in your comments below.