• YHM: Raman scold Ruhi for blaming Vidyut for spoiling Ishita life

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman shocked as Ruhi blames Vidyut for spoiling Ishita's (Divyanka Tripathi) life
    In the upcoming episode, Raman and Ishita gets happy when they come to know that Vidyut is dating Shagun.
    Raman asks Vidyut to help him in getting Pihu's custody so he agrees.
    They make plan the Vidyut will propose her for marriage and make her understand that she must handover Pihu's custody to Ishita.
    Raman-Ishita makes plan for getting Pihu's custody
    Vidyut will make her understand that they will enjoy together and Pihu will stay happy with their parents.
    Later Ruhi blames Vidyut for spoiling Ishita's life by flirting with her.
    Raman and Ishita gets shocked hearing this, Raman scolds Ruhi for saying so to Vidyut.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.