• TPK: Bihaan plans of wedding night with Thapki before marriage

    Bihaan's (Manish Goplani) wedding night plan exposing Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) in Thapki Pyar Ki
    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyar Ki will show that Bihaan decorates Bani asks Thapki’s bedroom as wedding night.
    Bani is shocked seeing Bihaan on her bed and asks what he is doing here.
    Bihaan taunts her that now they are going to become life partner so they can sleep together.
    Thapki understands Bihaan’s plan and reply him that it is not her culture to share room with her fiancé before marriage so he will have to wait toil they get married.
    Bihaan finds about Bani being scared from cockroach so he keeps cockroach in front of him and bring Bani closer to him.
    Bihaan and Thapki get romantic by chance
    Bani get scared seeing cockroach and falls on Bihaan on bed which make a romantic eye lock moment between Thapki and Bihaan.
    However, Bani manages the situation by telling him to stay in her room as if he wants.
    Bihaan hates Bani and keeps create problem for her.
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