• SUPER TWIST In Australia In Balaji's Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    In Balaji's popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbaetin is not leaving us with it’s never ending twists and turns. Recently we have seen how ishitha went to jail and raman scolding her.
    although the problems solved between them with families help. They even decide to participate in perfect couple contest. But ishitha gets fever and raman cancels to participate. Ishitha again doing the same mistake by not telling raman Bhalla about pihu. She takes her to a counselor to take with aliya’s help. Shagun gets the doubt that aliya is trying to find out about pihu’s suicide attempt.
    In the approaching episode’s , Raman comes to know this and there will be a big fight between both of them. Shagun plans to take pihu and leave the country. Then the show will take a leap of 1 year and shagun will be in Australia. Ishita stays in india with bhalla family taking care of adi and ruhi.

    Ruhi gets doubt on ishitha thinking she is dating someone. Later she checks ishitha’s phone and finds she is chatting with a man named vidhyut. Soon ishitha will also go to Australia to meet the new man. Vidhyut, a sleek and suave guy who will charm and will be a wooer. And his entry will shake things up completely as he will be seen getting close to Ishita.

    Is he a new man in ishitha’s life? Will raman and ishitha meet each other? 
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