• Shivaay's Childhood Friend enter btween Anika-Shivaay

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    In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz Shivaay's childhood friend Dhruv will enter the show to spice up Shivaye-Anika's love story
    In the forthcoming episode, the show to witess high voltage drama as Shivaye has decided to marry Tia.
    But Anika feels that Tia is having affair with someone and she is determined to expose Tia.
    Shivaay feels that Anika is putting all these accusations against Tia because she likes him.
    at the present Shivaye's childhood friend Dhruv will enter the show and he will spice up the love storyof Shivaye and Anika.
    Shivaye will realize love for Anika
    everybody will be happy as Dhruv will come after such a long time and they will welcome him in Oberoi mansion.
    Dhruv will later fall in love with Anika and she will be unaware of Dhruv's feelings.
    But Dhruv's love for Anika will make Shivaye jealous and make him realize his love for Anika.
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