• Shivaay save innocent Anika from Tia's evil black magic

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Shivaay and Anika in the daily soap.
    It seems that Tia is amid this false impression that Anika is trying to snatch away Shivaay from Tia.
    Now, Tia in her ego to take revenge from Anika starts doing black magic upon innocent Anika.
    Anika is very much targetted by Tia in various ways such as Tia sends a black doll filled up with acid to Anika's house, etc.
    Shivaay turns as Anika's saviour from culprit Tia

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen created amid Tia and Shivaay in the ongoing serial.
    Tia's terror towards Anika goes on increasing day by day and Shivaay every time comes out to be Anika's saviour.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Anika and Shivaay's bonding give way to culprit Tia's evil thoughts?
    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.