• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th November 2016 Written Episode

    Gopi checks Radhika’s mobile while Radhika is in washroom. Urvashi calls Radhika. Gopi hides behind curtains. Radhika comes out of washroom and leaves. Gopi sends message to Mangesh from Radhika’s mobile to come and meet her tonight with flower bouquet. Mangesh comes with flower bouquet at midnight. Radhika asks if he has gone mad. He says she sent a message to dare come with bouquet and meet her, she should praise him instead. Kokila switches on light and asks who is he. Urvashi also gathers. Gopi says he is Mangesh, Radhika’s boyfriend. Mangesh says Gopi me message to meet her, so he came here, he does not know who is Radhika. He even shows message sent by Gopi’s mobile. Gopi says he is lying and trying to malaign her image. Urvashi shouts

    she is trying to malalign Radhika’s image instead. Kokila shouts baassss….. she knows her Gopi bahu well. Radhika yells Gopi wants to marry Jaggi. Gopi shouts shut up… Mangesh says this lady sent him message to meet her at midnight. Jaggi comes out and hears that and holds Magesh’s collar, how dare he is to badmouth about Gopi. Urvashi asks him to leave him as it is Gopi’s mistake. Whole family leaves. Gopi tells Jaggi that she did not call Mangesh. Jaggi she trusts her. She asks him to break this alliance. Jaggi says he cannot do anything now. Gopi thinks how to save Jaggi now.

    Meera continues crying and pesters Dharam to get back Chanda somehow, she needs her baby back. Chanda comes in a dilapadated state. Meera relaxes seeing her. Doc checks and prescribes medicine for Chanda. Shravan brings medicines. Chanda asks Meera to forget the issue of her kidnap right away as she does not want any tension. Meera assures her to relax.

    Radhika enters house at night wearing western outfit via window. Gopi switches on light and catches her red handed. Radhika confesses that this is her real avatar and elaborates how she saw her in temple and planned to defame her instead. Gopi gives her a tight slap. Radhika challenges that she slapped her twice and now she will not spare her. Gopi challenges she will expose her in front of family.

    In the morning, Gopi travels in car. At a traffic signal, a flower girl requests her to buy bouquet as she needs money to pay her fees. Gopi buys bouquet. She turns and sees Radhika’s wanted postered on a wall. She reads on the poster that beware of this woman, she fools and loots people. Gopi carries poster home.

    Precap: Gopi reaches home and tells Radhika her true identity is exposed. Kokila asks what is happening. Gopi shows family Radhika’s wanted poster to family.