• Post Rocky, Shehsa falls in love with Rudra in Naagin 2

    Shesha (Ada Khan), Alisha and Rudra's (Kinshuk Mahajan) love triangle get start in Naagin 2

    The upcoming episode of Naagin 2 will show that Rudra enters at Yamini house as advocate.
    Rudra comes to show property papers to Yamini post Amar’s death.
    Yamini pretends of being sad and asks Rudra about whose name is mention on papers.
    Rudra tries to find opportunity to go inside of the house while Shesha is mesmerized by Rudra’s entry.

    Shesha’s heart once again beat seeing Rudra while Rudra intentionally spoils his dress and Alisha take him inside.
    Not only Shesha but Alisha also gets attracted towards Rudra seeing his personality.
    Rudra reveals his Ichhadhari naag identity to Shivangi
    Rudra meets to Shivangi secretly and reveals her the reason of coming here.

    Apart from this, Shesha stats following Rudra as she thinks that now Rudra can become her lover.
    Post, Ritik and Rocky, now Shesha gets attracted towards Rudra unaware about Rudra being a Ichhadhari naag.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.