• Naagin2: Rocky’s icy efforts to get romantic with Shivangi

    Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) and Shivangi's (Mouni Roy) romance under snowfall in Nagain 2
    The upcoming episode of Nagain 2 will show that Rocky plans a romantic surprise for Shivangi and bring her on a long drive.
    Rocky pretends of car broken down in middle of road and stops the car seeing a house.
    Shivangi goes inside while Rocky calls out Shivangi.
    Shivangi gets happy seeing snow fall and enjoys in it but she soon get scared when Rocky gets slipped from roof.
    Rocky arranges fake snow fall for making Shivangi happy and Shivangi ask him to come down feelings as his life in danger.
    Shivangi hugs Rocky and he gets romantic with her seeing her melting down.
    Shivangi's misunderstanding stops her getting closer to Rocky
    Shivangi gets closer to Rocky as she also loved him a lot but soon she avoids Rocky realizing as he is involve in her mother’s murder.
    Rocky tries to reduce distance between him and Shivangi’s relationship unaware about the truth.
    Will Shivangi find as rocky is innocence?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.