• Naagin 2: Yamini, Shesha torture Shivangi for Naagmani

    Shivangi (Mouni Roy) gets kidnapped by Shesha and Yamini for Naagmani in Naagin 

    The upcoming episode of Naagin 2 will show that Shesha and Mahismati come to Shivangi house and finds Shivangi and her sister in deep sleep.
    Shesha and Mahismati Avantika try to scare them and get successful in their mission of waking up them.
    Shivangi and her sister try to run away from house but they catch by Yamini on the door.
    Yamini twist Shivangi’s hand and tells her that Shivangi being daughter of a naagin so only she can touch naagmani.
    Yamini tells Shivangi to come in cave and give naagmni to her so she will free her but Shivangi refuses to follow her.
    Yamini's greedness for naagmani forces Shivangi turning naagin
    Yamini can do anything for naagmani so she orders Shehsa and Mahishmati to tie Shivangi and her sister and bring them in to cave.
    Shesha and Mahsimanti tie Shivangi with her sister and bring in the cave but they all get shocked seeing the sight of the cave.
    Will Shivangi give naagmni to Yamni?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.