• Naagin 2 twist: Sesha saves Avantika from Shivangi's killer trap

    Naagin 2: Shivangi's (Mouni Roy) killer trap against Avantika, Sesha (Aada Khan) comes for rescue

    The upcoming episode of Naagin 2 will show high voltage drama where Shivangi is in revenge mode against Yamini, Avantika.

    Shivangi wants to accomplish her mother Shivanya's death revenge from Avantika, Sesha and Yamini.
    Shivangi knows that Yamini, Sesha will target her sister Gautami to torture and threaten her.

    Thus Shivangi asks Gautami to go to Guru Gorakhnath for shelter and keep hidden there.

    Shivangi's revenge plan against Avantika

    Gautami agrees and leaves, Shivangi thus executes her mission and plans a trap for Avantika.
    Shivangi takes Sesha's avatar and sends Avantika to Shiv temple in order to hunt and kill her there.

    While Sesha reaches on time and rescues Avantika from Shiv temple and thus fails Shivangi's plan.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.