• Naagin 2: Rudra spoils Yamini's scorpian plan against Shivangi

    Naagin 2: Shesha gets trapped in Yamini's scorpian plan instead of Shivangi (Mouni Roy)
    In the upcoming episode, everyone makes arrangement for Yamini's birthday party.
    The theme of the party has been kept bollywood so everyone gets ready according to the theme.
    Everyone gets ready and reaches for enjoying in the party.

    Yamini makes scorpian plan against Shivangi and she wants Shesha to drink raksha drink so that she gets saved from scorpian.
    Scorpian bites Shesha instead of Shivangi
    Yamini was about to give the drink to Shesha but just then Rocky comes there and takes her for dancing.

    Rudra comes there in waiter avatar and makes Shivangi drink the raksha drink.
    Later scorpian bites Shesha and Yamini gets shocked.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.