• Kumkum Bhagya: Aaliya gets zapped eyeing Abhi-Pragya's romance

    Aaliya (Shikha Singh) gets zapped eyeing Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya's (Sriti Jha) romance night in Kumkum Bhagya
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Abhi and Pragya in the daily soap.
    It so happens that after receiving a grand welcome of Abhi and Pragya by dadi at Abhi's place, Abhi gets too much romantic with Pragya.

    Abhi's memory has retained and that's why Abhi takes Pragya to Abhi's room as Pragya is Abhi's wife.
    Abhi and Pragya spend a very lovely romantic night with each other as they have got reunited after so long time gap.
    Aaliya irked with the way Abhi showers love upon Pragya
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Abhi and Aaliya in the ongoing serial.

    Aaliya gets very much depressed eyeing Pragya again in Abhi's life but this time though Aaliya is helpless as it is Abhi who has got Pragya home.
    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Abhi and Pragya's romance make Aaliya further more pissed off?
    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.