• Kasam: Rishi’s trick to stay with Tanuja ignoring Malika

    Malika (Smriti Khanna) enters in Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) and Tanuja's (Kratika Sengar) honeymoon in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki
    The upcoming episode of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will show that Rishi and Tanuja start getting closer during their honeymoon.
    Rishi believes Tanuja is innocence and gets melt down for her and enjoys his company.
    Tanuja is also happy with Rishi’s closeness but she maintains distance from him due to hesitation.

    Rishi and Tanuja’s romance turn into tension when Rishi’s ex fiancé Malika comes to resort where they stayed.
    Malika starts taunting Tanuja as she is not Rishi’s type girl so stay away with him.
    Tanuja smiles when Rishi softly says to her talk to father which makes Malika angry.
    Rishi shows his love for Tanuja in front of Malika

    Malika’s anger gets higher when Rishi wear Tanuja’s selected T shirt avoiding Malika’s one.
    However, Rishi feels uncomfortable in Malika’s presence and makes excuse get closer to Tanuja.
    Malika’s jealousy turn into revenge seeing Rishi has accepted Tanuja as his wife indirectly.
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