• Jamai Raja: Satya exchanges Mahi protecting her from Payal

    Jamai Raja: Satya plans Mahi's (Shiny Doshi) plastic surgery drama saving Mahi from Payal (Mouli Ganguly)

    The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will show high voltage drama where Mahi mets an accident, Satya manages to save her.
    Satya takes Mahi to hospital where she was declared burnt and needs to go through plastic surgery.
    Satya is shattered and Mahi goes through plastic surgery where her face gets changed which she couldn't take.
    Mahi reacts furiously and is shattered by loosing her face, Satya consoles her and promises to support her.
    Satya's master exchange plan gets successful 
    While it is actually not Mahi as Satya has exchanged his friend at Mahi's place to safeguard Mahi.
    Satya knows that Payal, Somu and all are against Mahi and thus exchanges her to protect her.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.