• Jamai Raja: Mahi’s suicide drama in Sholey style convincing Satya

    Satya (Ravi Dubey) gives Sholey style suicide drama trick to Mahi persuading Kanata Tai in Jamai Raja
    The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will show that Satya’s mother Kana Tai gets angry knowing about Satya and Amahi’s marriage.
    Kanata Tai refuses to accept Mahi as her daughter in law then Satya gives an idea to Mahi persuading his mother.
    Mahi then follows Satya’s words and climbs on water tank in Sholey movie style and creates a scene in front of people.

    Mahi accuses Kanta Tai not accepting her so she will jump from here and will die.
    Mahi’s drama turns fruitful when Kanta Tai finally accepts Mahi being Satya’s wife but happiness does not go longer.
    Payal kidnaps Kanta Tai blackmailing Satya and Mahi for property

    Mahi’s mother Payal wants to get her property and if Mahi will Satya’s house then her plan gets failed.
    So, Payal then kidnaps Kanta Tai and makes a plan to blackmail both Satya and Mahi for property.
    How Satya will save his mother Kanta and wife Mahi from Payal’s clutches?