• Ishqbaaz:Om demand breakup post exposed to Riddhima's true colour

    Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Riddhima's breakup creates havoc amid Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Rudra's (Leenesh Mattoo) life in Ishqbaaz
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Riddhima and Omkara in the daily soap.
    Riddhima turns out to be very much cunning and makes Omkara sign upon the 50% of the property papers that Tej would demand from Shivaay on Omkara's name.
    Omkara gets to know the selfish and the bad nature of Riddhima and gets exposed to Riddhima's true colours.
    Now, it so happens that Omkara decides to breakup with Riddhima looking into the shrude nature of Riddhima.
    Shivaay and Rudra turn out to be Omkara's strength post breakup
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Shivaay and Rudra in the daily soap.
    Shivaay and Rudra are the true ones who understand the dept of Omkara's heart and truely provide strength along with lightening Omkara's mood.
    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Shivaay and Rudra turn into a female avatar to make Om's mood a little swing?
    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.