• Ishqbaaz: Shivaay harm himself over Daksh-Anika’s one night stand

    Daksh proves Anika as betrayer to Shivaay in Ishqbaaz
    Daksh’s entry in Shivaay and Anika’s life has created lots of disturbance in their life in Ishqbaaz.
    As per the upcoming track, Shivaay warns Anika to stay away from Daksh but Daksh manipulates Anika against Shivaay.
    Anika starts believing at Daksh and she takes loan from him by taking his sign over some contract which was seen by Shivaay.

    Shivaay asks Daksh about what contract he signed with Anika and he tells a lie to Shivaay as Anika is ready to spend a night with him for money.
    Shivaay gets heartbroken and when Anika comes to meet him for selecting jewelries then he behavior very weird.
    Shivaay hurts his hand knowing Anika-Daksh's affair
    Shivaay asks Anika as if she took money from Daksh and she says yes but Shivaay hurts himself without hearing Anika’s whole truth.

    Anika gets shocked seeing Shivaay’s hand bleeding but Shivaay pushes her away thinking Anika is betrayal.
    Will misunderstanding create more drama between Shivaay and Anika?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.