• Ishqbaaz 30th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 30th November 2016 Written Update 

    Marriage Mantras start and Shivika sit in the Mandap together!
    Whole family is shown happy and smiling and Anika is shown crying inside the veil.

    Pinky comes and asks if their bride will keep her face hidden inside the veil and not show others how beautiful their Tia looks?

    Pinky starts to take off the veil and Shivika look nervous...Mrs. Kapoor comes and stops Pinky from removing the veil saying not to remove it as their family Pandit has told  its a tradition not to remove the veil before  Muh-Dikhayi as its inauspicious.

    Shivay heaves a sigh of relief and Pinky agrees hearing its a bad Omen. 

    Rudra jokes that pehle sab kuch Universe ki marzi se hota tha ab Pandit ki marzi se and Om asks him to shut up!

    Anika thinks that marriage is no joke and recalls all that she said to Richa and cries some more!
    Anika thinks how a day's marriage is a bad joke and recalls how Shivay said this marriage is gonna last just for a day!

    Pandit asks them to stand up for Pheras and Varmala and Shivay stands...Anika keeps sitting with her hands clutched and  a new O Jaana plays and Shivay holds her hand, makes her get up and look towards her,  Anika cries badly inside the veil!

    Shivay keeps a poker face all through, and makes Anika turn for the garland exchange...a new music plays and Shivay puts the garland around Anika but looks into another direction! 
    Anika keeps crying and takes her hand up for putting the garland but is unable to do so...Shivay holds her hand and puts the garland around himself! 

    Anika withdraws her hands slowly and tears roll down her cheeks! 

    Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu starts and Anika closes her eyes in hurt and pain she is goin through.,...Shivay holds her hand and starts the pheras...

    The pheras complete and Shivika sit back...Pandit asks him to make her wear the Mangalsutra and media starts clicking pics in full spree!

    Shivay stares at the Magalsutra for a while...Nazdeek Hai Dil Ke plays and heavy wind sound is audible...He makes her wear the Mangalsutra and again sits with a straight face...Anika's tears roll down again and she becomes numb...doesn't cry anymore...!! 

    Shivay starts to fill the sindoor just wen Pinky says the Media to keep the Cameras down as no one except Shivay will see Tia's face  

    Pinky says I don't want anything inauspicious to happen and asks Mrs. Kapoor if Shivay can see Tia's face and Mrs. Kapoor agrees...Pinky says none of us is watching, u fill Sindoor and Shivay fills Sindoor...Shivika's eyes meet and he sees the tears in her eyes looks for a moment than starts looking in another direction but makes a puppy face for a split second and again gets back to his expressionless self!  

    Finally Shadi completes and Shivika start taking blessings from everyone and Media starts clicking more pics...Tej hugs Shivay and Jhanvi hugs Anika happily...saying Welcome to the Family Tia!

    Shakti hugs them both and Pinky sings a Congratulations saying now our Tia is finally Tia Oberoi!

    Anika looks hurt hearing all that!

    Anika bends at Dadi's feet and Dadi senses something and hugs Anika with all the warmth, crying consoles her and Shivay notices Dadi's emotions and expressions and looks a little  guilty!

    Dadi blesses  Anika for a long life and says that may God keep u both together forever!  

    Anika has tears hearing that...Shivay touches Dadi's feet and Dadi draws them both in a hug and kisses Anika's forehead!

    Shivika start walking out together but Shivay leaves Anika at the entrance and walks away 
    Anika watches him go

    At Oberoi House, the Griha Pravesh happens and as Shivika start to step inside, Dadi stops Shivay and says, what did u think, u will do anything and I'll let u do?   All watch confused and Shivay gets nervous   Anika looks down in guilt and fear and Shivay looks towards her!

    Shivay starts to give explanations but Dadi smiles and asks him to shut  up...says...shadi hote hi memna ban gaya hai 
    Om stands with a camera to click pictures and  Dadi asks Pinky Jhanvi to bring Pooja Thali to welcome the new bride...Dadi says no one in this house knows anything and calls Anika's name saying bring the Pooja Thali !

    Shivay gets more nervous by then and  Anika looks towards him.

    Jhanvi says Anika is not here and Dadi asks where is she,...Pinkyb says she was not there throughout the wedding...Disappearance
    Dadi asks them to call Anika and asks Jhanvi to being Pooja Thali!

    Rudra asks  Shivay why is he looking so nervous and if everything is alright?  "Prinku" and Soumya come with  the Thali saying we have already arranged and  Dadi praises them!

    Anika tells Shivay through her veil that I cannot continue this lie anymore, its bettwe u tell the truth to all otherwise I will tell them.

    Shivay says Shut Up Anika and she says okay so u r not speaking, let me tell them and as she starts to speak, Shivay holds her hand  tight and says...Sahil...do u remember...wat all I can do and Anika recalls everything and Shivay says, that now u must have understood wat u have to do and what not!

    Shivay twists her hand and Anika closes her eyes in pain!
    Pinky teases Shivay for not being able to leave Tia's hand and Shivay immediately leaves his hand...Tej teases him saying he is behaving as if he is holding someone else's hand and not Tia's and Shivika get shocked hearing that!

    Dadi says lets finish the rituals first and does Shivika's aarti and says...however long the journey may be, but u start with taking the first step and you are also starting a new life with ur first step in this house after this Griha-Pravesh...Dadi sasy Beti and not Tia!

    She says this first step shoul be auspicious so push the Kalsh with ur right foot and take the first step!

    Anika thinks to herself and nods in a no saying main ye nahi kar sakti, Dadi ko dhokha nahi de sakti!

    Dadi asks her again to bring her right foot in front and Shivay again holds her hand tight and Anika shakes in fear a little...Rudra teases saying Tia must not understand 'Daaya Pair"...he says Tia right...right foot and Om clicks pics!

    Om notices Shivay holding Anika's hand tight and asks Rudra if he also feels the same that he is feeling and Rudra says, bohot zor se lag raha hai...Om asks what and Rudra shows his little finger

    Om says u r mad and Rudra says not this? Then how would I know what u r thinking
    Om says Kuch gadbad hai...I am finding all this very weird and Rudra says, ajeeb toh lagega hi...ShiTia ki shadi jo ho gayi hai and now we will see weird things happening in this house everyday.

    Anika starts to take the step and Shivay jerks her hand...She finally pushes the Kalash and Mangalam Bhagwan Music plays again...Anika steps in the Kumkum Thaal and takes her auspicious first steps inside the house leaving her red footprints on the floor!

    She dips both her hands in turmeric and leaves her Palms' Print on the Wall 

    Sad Female O Jaana plays and Anika cries under the veil !

    Precap: Shivay tells Anika that he doesn't want anyone to know that she is under the veil and she asks him how ill anyone find out that she is under the Ghoonghat?
    Shivay drags her out of the room and they come down in hall and all youngsters scream Surprise!

    Dadi says, surprised Billu? This was Omkara's plan to do Muh-Dikhayi tonight itself!

    Shivika have shocked expressions on their faces and Shivay stares Om