• Ishqbaaz 28th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 28th November 2016 written episode update

    The current episode starts with Pinky asking Anika to go and help Tia with her wedding dress.
    Anika goes and finds Richa there, who tells about contract marriage to Anika and others dances in marriage ceremony.
    Shivaay had made contract of one day marriage, Richa cries and seeks Anika's help and she says that do what she wants.
    Anika stops herself from getting into this problem, but Richa says that she will die before doing this marriage.

    Anika's heart melts and gets concerned for Richa, Anika says that marriage is not contract but about love.
    Richa gets influenced by Anika's talk and refuses to marry Shivaay, Shivaay gets angry at Anika and says that she has done this.
    Shivaay gets angry at Anika and tortures her, Anika is scared and Shivaay says that his family reputation will get ruined because of this.
    Shivaay even gets aggressive at Anika for interfering in his life, Anika says that he can't ruin Richa's life like this.
    Anika tries to console Shivaay but of no use, Shivaay bursts at Anika and says that she can sleep for money then why can't anyone marry.
    Shivaay forces Anika to marry him 

    Anika slaps Shivaay for this insult, Shivaay gets more angry and forces Anika to marry him but Anika refuses.
    Shivaay says that she will have to do it asks its his decision and have to wear mangalsutra and sindoor of his name.
    Anika refuses and tries to go away but of no use as Shivaay has gone mad to save his family reputation.
    Shivaay asks Anika to don bridal avatar in five minutes nor it will be dangerous for her.
    Anika says that she will not marry him.
    Shivaay kidnaps Sahil torturing Anika.