• Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 – Full Episode

    Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 written episode update

    The current episode starts with asking Shivaay to come down with Tia, Shivaay says ok he'll come.
    Anika sadly leaves from there, Shivaay looks at Anika going away from him forever.
    Dadi sees Rudra, Omkara and Saumya and asks about their coming so late at brothers wedding.
    Tia sits tensed and gets Shivaay's call, Tia says she will get ready in few minutes just then someone comes in her room.
    Omkara and Rudra comes to take Shivaay, Rudra again starts emotional drama and Shivaay consoles him.

    That stranger is none other then Robin who is Tia's husband, Robin gets angry at Tia for marrying Shivaay.
    Shivaay, Rudra and Omkara's emotional moments continues and hugs each other to show their brotherhood.
    Robin stops Tia from marrying Shivaay, says that he can't let her marry with someone else while Tia tries to console him.
    Shivaay forces Anika to marry him for saving family reputation

    Shivaay is also confused about marriage, Shivaay consoles himself to marry Tia as it's business deal for him.

    Robin stops Tia and says that his name is Dushyant that locket A and D mentions that, Shivaay comes towards Tia's room.
    Robin hugs Tia strongly to stop her, Shivaay comes to room and rings the bell and then he enters the room and sees surprisingly.
    Shivaay finds no one in Tia's room tries to find her but all goes in vain as Tia has left a letter that he can't marry him.
    Dadi calls Shivaay to come downstairs as Oberoi family's is going to perform in his wedding while Shivaay is himself tensed.

    Saumya, Rudra, Omkara and all family starts their dance and enjoys together while Shivaay is tensed over what Tia has done.
    Shivaay asks one of his business associate to let his daughter take Tia's place in mandap and in return ge will help his company.
    They looked stunned as Shivaay is doing this to save his family reputation infront of media.
    Shivaay asks them to sign the pre-nuptial contract.