• Ishqbaaz 25th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 25th November 2016 written episode 

    The current episode starts with Shivaay and Anika in the wedding dress and looks at each other.
    Shivaay looks emotional and tensed, Anika asks what happened what he wants to say to her.
    Anika asks Shivaay to say if he wants to say anything to her, but he says no he don't want to say anything.
    Anika brings s glass of water and splashes it over Shivaay's face, Shivaay recalls older water splash incidents with Anika.

    Anika cries in pain and both looks at each and Anika cries in pain, Anika leaves from there and Shivaay looks at her.
    Dadi, Jhanvi, Pinky prepares for marriage, Dadi teases Shivaay while Omkara and Saumya were leaving from home and Shivaay asks them.
    Omkara says that they are going to bring Rudra, Shivaay worries but Omkara controls all situation.
    Shivaay and Anika crosses each other just then, where Anika's bracelet gets stuck with Shivaay watch and they looks at each other.
    Rudra was in Romi's captivation, Omkara and Saumya reaches Romi's house and takes avatar of Romi's followers.

    Shivaay's marriage venue is all set, media people comes to cover the grand wedding of Shivaay and Tia.
    Saumya saves Rudra from Romi's torture 

    Saumya and Rudra enters Romi's house and tries to find Saumya, Tia gets ready for marriage wearing wedding dress.
    Tia is lost in thoughts of her husband how he tortures her, Saumya enters Romi house and finds Rudra.
    Romi comes just then and tries to warn Saumya, while Saumya says that if she torture Rudra anymore then she doesn't know what she can do.
    Saumya fights against Romi to save Rudra, while Rudra gets astonished seeing Saumya's this avatar for him.

    Anika gets water for Tia and her mother stops her from drinking water because of makeup and Tia bursts out at her mother.
    Anika is shocked seeing Tia's frustrated attitude, Anika finds that their is something wrong with Tia.
    Rudra, Omkara, Saumya all dances with Dadi.
    Tia gets scared seeing someone.