• Ishqbaaz 24th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 24th November 2016 written episode update

    The current episode starts with Daksh telling Shivaay that he is giving 15 lakh rupees to Anika for last night.
    Daksh shows to Shivaay as if Anika is happy getting money, Shivaay gets shocked seeing this.
    Anika then says that she must thanks Dadi for this, till then Shivaay had gone and Daksh smiles.
    Saumya is worried for Rudra and calls him, Romi picks up the call and says that Rudra is playing death game.

    Saumya sees Rudra's video where he shouts in pain, Saumya asks Romi to not do it and warns her.
    Romi warns Saumya that if she cares for Rudra then she will not do it, Saumya gets worried for Rudra.
    Shivaay is shattered with what he has seen and says that he did mistake in recognizing Anika and feels pain.
    Anika comes just then asks him to choose something for marriage, Shivaay takes the plate and bang it on the wall and also hurts himself.

    Anika gets shocked seeing Shivaay's behavior and cares for his hurt hand, Anika says what he has done and Shivaay says and what she has done.
    Anika asks what has she done, Shivaay says that he don't have time to waste over her asks her to leave.
    Anika says that she is not concerned for Shivaay and let him be but them realizes that she is concerned for Shivaay.
    Anika and Shivaay's misunderstanding create problem 

    Anika questions herself that why is she so concerned for Shivaay as she is engaged now and he is also getting married.
    Saumya comes to Omkara and tells all truth about Rudra and Romi to him, Omkara tries to get clue about Rudra.
    Anika comes to Oberoi mansion and Shivaay taunts her that girls like her goes upstairs very soon but Anika couldn't understand what is saying.
    Anika gives wedding dress to Shivaay and Shivaay feels pain but doesn't say anything to Anika and leaves.

    Tia gets Anika's call, Tia asks Anika to try her wedding dress as their size is same and Anika is amid confusion.
    Shivaay and Anika gets ready in wedding dress and comes down looks at each other in extreme pain.
    Anika throws a glass of water at Shivaay's face.
    Anika says that their relationship ended.