• Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2016 written episode update

    The current episode starts with Shivaay forcing Anika to go home as he wants to save Anika.
    Anika was in car and gets some call, next day Shivaay asks servants about Anika.
    Saumya thanks Anika for coming to sleep with her, Saumya says that she was scared as she feels that someone was there.
    Anika consoles Saumya, while Daksh smiles as he has done all this to bring Anika to Oberoi mansion.
    Saumya leaves from the room, Saumya says send tea for Anika in Daksh's room.
    Shivaay is shocked hearing that and goes to check what happened, Daksh cunningly plays trick.

    Daksh comes to his room before and pretends to change cloths, while Shivaay comes there just then.
    Shivaay sees Daksh changing cloths and Anika making bed, Shivaay gets shocked seeing this.
    Shivaay gets hurt seeing this, Shivaay recalls what all he saw and how Daksh talked about spending night with Anika.
    Shivaay calls his emplyee to call a press conference, seems angry media people accumulates at Oberoi mansion and nobody knows about it.
    Shivaay angry knowing about Daksh-Anika's one night stand 

    Shivaay says that he has to make an important announcement, Shivaay says that he will marry tomorrow instead of next week.
    All gets shocked hearing this, Anika is confused seeing Shivaay's behavior Tia talks to her boyfriend and says she is marrying for money.
    Tia's boyfriend gets angry and leaves from there, Daksh makes Shivaay jealous saying that Anika spent last night with him on his bed.
    Dadi is happy that Anika's loan for Sahil's education gets passed, Dadi informs this to Daksh and he takes papers that he will give this news to Anika.

    Daksh says that these loan papers are Anika's charges, Daksh says Anika asked 15 lakh for one night Shivaay gets angry hearing this.
    Anika comes to Shivaay but he tries to ignore her and gets angry hurts himself.