• Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 written episode update

    The current episode starts with Anika reaching Oberoi mansion, Shivaay is worried for Anika.
    Daksh comes and tells that he saved Anika by reaching on time, Shivaay is shocked seeing this.
    Anika seems confused, goes to look at arrangements Tia talks to Shivaay about arrangements.
    Shivaay gives money to Tia, thus she executes her plan goes to Anika and gives it to Anika.
    Tia says it's compensation for what all she is doing, Tia says that Shivaay has asked her to give money to her.

    Tia says that Shivaay wants her to take this tip and leave from his life, Anika is shocked hearing this.
    Tia asks Anika to leave now, Anika comes to Shivaay as him if he asked Tia to give money to her.
    Shivaay says yes, Shivaay isn't clear what Anika is saying and Omkara takes him away amid confusion.
    Anika misunderstands Shivaay 

    Anika misunderstands Shivaay and is hurt with all what is happening, Anika recalls Shivaay's words.
    Party starts and all dances on party tunes, Omkara comes on stage and starts the party with his emotional speech.
    Shivaay, Rudra and Omkara starts their dance and all are happy seeing him dancing together.
    Shivaay gets mesmerized seeing Anika in bridal wear, Daksh also comes to her and smiles to Anika.
    Daksh says to Anika that she can trust him and he will keep her happy, asks her to marry him.

    Dadi, Jhanvi, Pinky, Tej and all dances together as a family.
    Daksh proposes Anika, Shivaay gets furious over Daksh.