• Ishqbaaz 18th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 18th November 2016 written episode update

    The current episode starts with Daksh defending Anika from Tia and says he doesn't need her advice.
    Anika starts to leave, Shivaay also thinks about Anika she is nervous and reaches home.
    Anika is scared seeing weird environment in her house, goes to check security when someone pushes her.
    Some mystery man walks towards Anika and she is scared, Anika runs away to escape.

    Anika hides inside the room, but he attacks with the knife which almost hit Anika.
    Shivaay could feel that Anika is in danger, Anika bleeds due to injury and Shivaay calls Om.
    Shivaay calls Omkara and says that he is feeling that Anika is in danger, Shivaay inquires about Anika but couldn't find her.
    Anika is scared of that strange man and calls Shivaay but Tia disconnects the call.
    Anika thinks that Shivaay disconnected her call, petrol starts to enter in Anika's room.
    Mystery man asks Anika to come out nor he will light her house in fire, Tia says that Anika you are dead.

    Shivaay searches for his phone when Tia delete the call history, Shivaay calls Anika but she is scared and is hiding.
    Daksh comes inside just then to save Anika, Anika tells there was someone but Daksh calms her down.
    Shivaay keeps on calling but Anika doesn't pick it up, Daksh seems to be worried for Anika and says that he came to check her.
    Daksh says so she calls Shivaay in case of emergency, Daksh asks if Anika likes Shivaay.
    Anika is confused, Daksh says that we call most important person in case of emergency Daksh goes away from there.
    Daksh proposes Anika for marriage 

    Anika says she can't love Shivaay, Anika is confused in herself and questions herself about it.
    Buaji comes home and starts her mellow drama about being concerned for Anika, Daksh says he understands her tension.
    Daksh says that if it's ok with her and Anika then he wants to marry Anika, Anika gets shocked hearing this.
    Daksh says that if she don't love anyone then she should give one chance to him as his love is enough for both of them asks her to think and reply.
    Anika comes to Oberoi mansion, Shivaay is worried for her and asks that she has been again attacked yesterday but she didn't tell him.

    Anika looks at Shivaay and recalls Daksh's marriage proposal last night, Anika ia lost in herself.
    Tia gives money to Anika says Shivaay wants her to take money and leave him.