• Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 written episode update 

    The current episode starts with Tia angry at Anika for accusing Daksh asks her to apologize to him.
    Shivaay takes Anika's side and says that he will apologize on Anika's behalf.
    Rudra, Omkara and Shivaay enjoys close moments in kitchen, Anika apologize to Daksh for doubting on him.
    Daksh says that he is ok and will support her anytime, Tia talks to Shivaay about attack on Anika.

    Tia says that Anika is lying about attack and instigates Shivaay against Anika.
    Tia says that Anika is trying to grab Shivaay's attention says that Anika is obsessed with him.
    Tia says Anika is trying to get Shivaay's attention and wants him, Shivaay is shocked hearing this.
    Anika comes to Tia for marriage dress and jewelry, Tia challenges Anika to choose dress.
    Anika is tensed and Saumya comes to her help, suggest Anika to go through social media and find Tia's likes.
    Daksh's activity seems suspecting, Shivaay doesn't pay much attention.
    Saumya is tensed over her marriage, discuss problem with Anika and she suggest to talk to Rehaan.

    Rehaan comes just then and proposes Saumya with a ring which doesn't fit her, Rudra comes and takes the ring.
    Rudra's love for Saumya amid confusion 

    Rudra makes Saumya wear the ring easily, Rehaan thanks Rudra for making Saumya wear it.
    Anika checks Tia's social networking account and finds something strange in it and says that she must tell this to Shivaay.
    Anika comes running to Shivaay's room and says that she was telling that something is wrong but he was not listening.
    While Tia was sitting in Shivaay's room and Anika gets shocked seeing Tia there.

    Tia asks what's it about Anika, Tia and Anika looks at each other and asks what is she doing in Shivaay's bedroom.
    Omkara and Shivaay was talking when Anika says that Tia is married.
    Anika shows wedding pictures to Shivaay.