• Ishqbaaz 15th November 2016 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz written episode update 15th November 2016, 

    The episode starts with someone holds Anika’s legs  and she gets scared.
    Anika goes  and hides just then Shivaye comes and she hugs him.
    Shivaye asks Anika to calm down then Shivaye gives water to Anika.
    Shivaye asks Anika to come to Oberoi mansion and says he will stay safe there.

    But Anika refuses so he says that he has made security arrangements outside her house that will protect her.
    Anika asks Shivaye that how did he know that she needs him.
    So he says that he thought that maybe you need my help so he came.
    Om recalls ACP’s words , he was about to eat sleeping pills but then he recalls Shivaye’s words.
    Shivaye turns Anika's saviour from stalker

    Anika try to think that who did all this with her then she gets a ticket.
    Then she recalls that Daksh was talking about it and he gets shocked.
    Shivaye asks Anika if she is fine then Shivaye tells everyone that someone attacked Anika last night.
    Anika tells that she found the ticket about which Daksh was talking to her last night.

    Shivaye tells Anika that he was in the disc last night.
    Anika sees Tia's marriage pic.