• Chandra Nandini: Chandra saves Nandini from poisonous haldi

    Chandra Nandini: Nandini's (Shewta Basu Prasad) plan backfires, Chandra (Rajat Tokas) saves Nandini from haldi poison 
    The upcoming episode of Chandra Nandini will show high voltage drama where Nandini has agreed to marry Chandra.
    Nandini has agreed for this marriage to take revenge from Chandra of her father Naand 's murder.

    Chandra knows that Nandini doesn't like him and is marrying him with revenge intentions as she is a worrier princess.
    Nandini mixes poison in Chandra's haldi in order to attack him and accomplish the revenge motive.
    Chandra saves Nandini 
    Amid all confusion Nandini ends up applying the same poisonous haldi, Chandra comes to know about this.

    Chandra rushes to Nandini and drags her out of the room, asks her to wash herself and saves Nandini's life.
    Let's wait and watch will this incident effects Chandra and Nandini's life and their relationship.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.