• Anika breakdown on Ishqbaaz

    In Star Plus Show  Ishqbaaz Shivay asks Anika why did she not inform him about the attack. Anika is hurt by his words and does not answer Shivay. Daksh tells Shivay that his heart told him that Anika is in problem. Daksh says I have saved her from the stalker, but could not catch him. Shivay gets worried hearing of Anika’s problem. Shivaay offers help to report to commissioner. Daksh asks Shivaay to focus on his sangeet and Tia. Shivaay is worried for Anika a lot. He keeps on asking her if she is fine. Anika says I m good and gets distanced from Shivaay. Daksh asks Shivaay to forget this matter as he is there to take care of her. 

    Tia & Daksh are executing plan well to fool Anika. Anika is hurt and even then works to fulfill her duties. Anika is strong enough to get up and walk, after the fall. Anika asks Pinky and Dadi not to worry for any preparations. Jhanvi asks Anika to give song list to DJ for sangeet. Anika has done all the work before hand. Dadi asks for Dholki as she wants to sing and dance. Anika arranges Dholki too. 

    Tia says to  about more number of guests coming. She tells Shivaay about getting preparations done at home. Shivaay gives her money for the arrangements. Tia says I will inform Anika & make her do the arrangements. She stops Shivaay from talking to Anika. Tia goes to create the big misunderstanding between Shivaay and Anika. She throws money on Anika saying this is compensation and tips for the services she is offering them. 

    Tia says to  Anika that Shivaay is paying as she saved him by the one night stand lie. She asks Anika to take money and forget Shivaay now. Tia humiliates Anika.Anika does not believe clever Tia and goes to check the matter with Shivaay. Anika asks Shivaay about the money. Shivaay accepts he has sent the money to her. But before he could not answer for what it is, Omkara comes and takes Shivaay along. Anika asks Shivaay why are you doing this. Shivaay leaves and this makes Anika assume that Tia said right. Anika breaks down by Shivaay’s behavior. Anika makes her mind and says I can’t love Shivaay, who disrespects her. Keep reading For More Updates Of Ishqbaaz