• SNS: Urvashi makes efforts for keeping Jaggi away from Gopi

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Urvashi steals Jaggi's gift for Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee)
    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Jaggi brings gift for everyone on the ocassion of Diwali.
    Jaggi brings special gift for Gopi but when he goes to take that gift in his room then it goes missing.
    Jaggi try to find and does not understand that where it has gone then he suspects Kokila behind it.
    Jaggi suspects Kokila as his gift for Gopi goes missing
    He goes to search for it in Kokila's room and finds the gift there so he gets angry.
    Jaggi is unaware that Urvashi is behind all this she kept the gift in Kokila's room.
    Urvashi wants to keep Jaggi away from Gopi so she is doing all this.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.