• SNS; Ritesh happy as Meera breaks all relation with Dharam

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Naiyya gets happy as Meera(Tanya Sharma) decides to leave Dharam and go home 
    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Meera keeps Karwa chauth fast for Dharam.
    She thinks that by keeping the fast Dharam will get happy and all the issues amid them will get sorted.

    Dharam gets happy and they both talk to each other very  nicely, Dharam also makes Meera drink water and opens her fast.
    Dharam shocked as Meera decides to leave house
    But just then Ritesh comes there and Dharam fumes in anger seeing all this, he thinks that Meera has called him.

    Meera try to explain him but he does not understands anything so Meera gets angry.
    She decides to leave the house and before that he breaks all the realtions with Dharam.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.